Crafting a trading platform with customizable design for Kemet

Crafting a trading platform with customizable design for Kemet

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Crafting a trading platform with customizable design for Kemet

About the project

Kemet trading terminal creation

Merge partnered with Kemet to build a trading terminal from scratch. Kemet sought to establish a brand-new trading platform, and Merge was entrusted with the task of shaping this innovative solution.

They needed a trading terminal that combined a beautiful UI with simplified dashboards and tables. Kemet's primary goals were to provide users with a cutting-edge experience, robust analytics, and seamless liquidity access.

This case study delves into how we addressed the challenges and achieved remarkable results in crafting a trading platform from the ground up.


UX Discovery, Product design, UI/UX design, Web design.

Maximizing insights with advanced analytics

In our comprehensive design of Kemet's trading terminal, we've placed a strong emphasis on data analytics. We've elevated Kemet's analytical capabilities using Merge's cutting-edge data tools. This equips traders with valuable insights, making real-time data, risk analysis, and performance evaluations readily accessible. Our enhanced analytics serve as the foundation of Kemet's trading prowess, transforming intricate market data into actionable intelligence.

Crafting personalized efficiency with custom workflows

Another exciting development is the introduction of Customizable Workflows. Kemet users now have the freedom to fine-tune their trading processes without compromising efficiency. This empowers traders to create a tailored trading experience that suits their unique preferences. With Customizable Workflows, we've embraced user-centric design, ensuring every trader enjoys a personalized and streamlined trading environment.

Walking through the design process:

We embarked on a comprehensive design journey to meet Kemet's objectives. Here's how the process unfolded:

Product UX discovery

Merge conducted Competitor Analysis and collaborated closely with Kemet to understand their needs and the competitive landscape.


High-fidelity wireframes were created with multiple design iterations to ensure the design met Kemet's vision.

UI/UX design

We implemented user-centric UI/UX design principles to enhance the overall user experience, making Kemet's trading platform more intuitive and visually appealing.

Customized dashboard design

Merge introduced a customized dashboard, enhancing the user interface and simplifying navigation.

In conclusion

Our collaboration with Kemet in developing their trading terminal reflects our unwavering dedication to pioneering bespoke software solutions. We thrive on the intricate art of turning intricate challenges into elegantly intuitive products. At Merge, we stand ready to transform your visions into digital realities that not only meet your objectives but exceed them.

Meet the team


Elizabet Hyliuk — Head of Design Taisiia Polianska — Project Lead Designer Veronica Baysa — UI/UX Designer Kseniia Lazar — Web Designer


Oleksandr Ratushnii — Head of Development Volodymyr Mazurets — Front-end Developer

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