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We combine our UX-first design vision with vast web development experience. Our lean approach towards time- and cost-efficiency gives additional speed for early stages and scale-ups.

CEO & Founder

Pavel Tseluyko
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Since 2018, under the guidance of our founder Pavel, our team's been driven by a shared passion for design and innovation. Embracing learning, risk-taking, and steady progress keeps us moving forward together.

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We accumulated a lot of expertise and experience, helping us solve the most complex product and business challenges.

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David Kemmerer, CoinLedger

Their approach to work processes and design matches the standards set by top-notch agencies.

40+ Angel/Seed

We help startups who are starting out

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15+ Series A/B

We help startups with more than $100 million in funding


30+ team members

And we extend that same quality of design and development to diverse startups

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What makes us - us


Front-end and design under one roof

Our team comprises adept designers and developers fluent in tech stacks like React, ensuring a holistic development approach.


Bespoke product design

Our designs capture the essence of your vision with design-driven precision, delivering an exceptional UX paired with top-notch UI.


Years of UX expertise and proficiency

Working with startups with more than $100 million in funding, we bring that same quality to new startups' UX design needs.


Delivery with transparency and precision

We stick to milestones, budgets, and ensure transparent time tracking. By promptly addressing any deviations, we ensure on-time delivery.


Feedback-driven continual refinement

Collaboration is key. We incorporate early feedback, ensuring the concept is molded according to real-world insights and potential user needs.


Ownership and innovation commitment

We propose enhancements that elevate businesses while being committed to partners' product success.


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