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AI-powered solutions offer a range of benefits, from boosting conversions to delivering personalized experiences.
With advances in NLP, computer vision and stable diffusion, you can now transform your products, and our AI-powered services are here to help you unlock those opportunities.

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Designing and building
AI-powered products and services

Merge is your go-to partner for creating practical and results-oriented AI-driven solutions. Staying up to date with the latest advances in AI technology gives us a chance to consistently deliver outstanding product design and development.
Whether you're looking to design a custom AI-powered solution or integrate AI into an existing product, our team has the expertise and creativity to make it happen.

AI integration for existing
products from design to integration

  • At Merge, we understand the importance of a Proof of Concept in AI development. That's why we not only develop a PoC but also test it based on your data, giving you a clear understanding of what results to expect from the solution.
  • We strongly emphasize designing AI products with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that can enhance the effectiveness of your AI solutions. We can help you create an AI product that not only meets but surpasses your expectations.
  • Scalable and reliable OpenAI API integration to unlock the platform's full potential. Did you know the results that take 6 months with other ML methods can be achieved in just 2-3 days with OpenAI? We'll help you integrate their API to save both time and money.
  • ML model development (coming soon)

Innovative AI-powered solutions
for the modern business

AI development: The secret ingredient to success

Our AI-powered solutions are designed to keep our clients at the forefront of innovation.
We offer expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology in AI consulting, product design, and API integration to boost your performance and success.

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Pre-trained OpenAI integration for your product


Pre-trained OpenAI integration for your product

To save time for the workshop facilitators, we developed an AI assistant to help create pre-work assignments, agendas, and tasks for a specific workshop or event. We used training and fine-tuning AI models and integrating pre-trained OpenAI APIs. Our team also helped scale the solution, ensuring seamless integration with existing workflows.

Not sure where to start and how
to integrate AI
into your product or service?

We've got it covered. Merge's AI services are tailored to support businesses of all sizes and industries in maximizing their business impact by adding AI technology.

AI consulting

Starting with an in-depth analysis of your AI needs, we can help you develop a solid strategy for integrating AI into your business.

AI design and development

Then we move on to the building your AI solution. Our AI experts will design and develop customized solution tailored to your requirements.

Seamless AI implementation

Our end-to-end AI services guarantee your startup will be equipped with the latest AI technology to drive growth and innovation.

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Charlie Karaboga

CEO & Co-Founder Block Earner

“After we followed Merge 2 month design process we seen a considerable uplift in inbound leads due to clarity of the layout.“

Steve Schofield

Head of Product Lab at MURAL

“Pavel and the team at Merge are very enthusiastic, quick to respond to challenges and produce work of high quality. That is the basis for a growing professional relationship.“

Olaf Movenveld

CTO Vamp

“It’s a real pleasure to collaborate with the team at Merge. They are true professionals and very skilled in their jobs. We’re really happy with the results and I look forward to continue working with them.“

Scott Treloar

CEO Noviscient

“Merge helps us to elevate Noviscient products to the advanced level. The level of understanding of design and development, care to the smallest detail has left us very satisfied with their service.“

Dylan Hirsh


“We have developed all the projects that Merge has delivered and our current clients are extremely pleased with the final result. We drastically lowered our churn rate by 90%“