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Hiring people that fit your needs can be challenging.
So how about you leave that to us so you can focus on growing your business? With our expertise in product development, we've seen our fair share of IT, so we know what to look for.

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Acquire exceptional talent

Acquire exceptional talent

With our extensive expertise in the product design and development industry, we focus solely on connecting you with top-tier talent to complement your own team.

We've spent years perfecting and curating a pool of the best professionals in the market, ready to bring their expertise to your digital product or service. With our rigorous hiring process, we have the resources to fulfill your hiring needs and help you build a stellar team.

Benefits of hiring with Merge

Curated professionals

Each candidate is meticulously chosen to meet the high standards of today's market, ensuring a client-oriented, technically proficient, flexible, reliable, and innovative approach to every project.

Streamlined processes

By presenting you with a shortlist of independently vetted candidates precisely matching your requirements, we enable you to make informed choices and efficiently move forward with your hiring decisions.


Save valuable time and effort by leveraging our personalized matching process, ensuring you only review the best candidates who perfectly align with your specific requirements.

Flexibility and efficiency

Whether you need to expand your team rapidly or reduce its size, our hiring services provide the agility to adjust your workforce on demand, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness.

Quick time-to-contract

With our streamlined process, you can swiftly progress from candidate selection to contract signing, enabling you to onboard the right talent promptly and start your project without unnecessary delays.

Quick time-to-contract

We create fully personalized hiring solutions that perfectly align with your business processes, enhancing productivity, and delivering exceptional results tailored specifically to your needs.

Our hiring process

We aim to provide a tailored experience at every step, ensuring we understand your needs, thoroughly vet candidates, and facilitate your interviews with exceptional professionals.


Through detailed discussions, we collect all the essential requirements to ensure we identify the perfect candidates for your team.


We meticulously evaluate CVs to identify candidates with the perfect balance of skills, experience, and cultural compatibility with your team.


We conduct a code check for front-end/mobile app developers, while designers are given a test task to evaluate their problem-solving approach.


We present you with the candidates we deem the best fit. In the unlikely event that the initial candidate falls short of expectations, we offer a free replacement.

Who needs our hiring services?

Who needs our hiring services?

Are you a startup embarking on a journey to make your product or service one of the best in the market? Or do you simply need to efficiently scale up your team without unnecessary risks and expenses?
If any of this resonates with you, you definitely need to come to us.

No matter the size of your business - if you need to employ skilled designers and developers, we’re here to help.

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Charlie Karaboga, CEO & Co-Founder Block Earner

“We find their approach to working processes, design, and development very satisfying and that usually only top agencies can provide.”


Fariza Mohamedsha, Product Manager at Bureau

“We’ve been most impressed with Merge Development’s ability to work independently and capture our requirements swiftly.


David Kemmerer, Co-founder and CEO at CoinLedger

”The Merge Development team is very good at what they do. It’s why we’ve continued to use their services even after a year. We plan to work with them for the rest of our business’s life.”


Laura Vestal, Head of Marketing at Invisibly

”Merge Development quickly became an extension of our internal team — they were exactly what we needed as a startup.”


Caroline Ohrn, CPO at WeFight

”The speed and the quality of work were truly noteworthy. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, their work was efficient and effective in creating a product that matched our needs.”