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Success in the modern market often depends on the quality of the customer journey. At Merge, our focus is clear: to streamline these interactions and craft journeys that not only retain but also organically expand your client base. Through our customer experience design, we aim to enhance your brand's relationship with its clients, driving growth and loyalty.

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The case for customer experience design

The case for customer experience design

Customer experience doesn't start and end where you think. From initial awareness, extending far beyond the point of purchase to retention and loyalty, CX is the sum of all interactions a customer has with your product. As you scale your business, it becomes critical to refine and optimize every stage of this journey, since each interaction molds your brand's perception in the customer's eyes.

How does your business benefit from CX design?

Investing in customer experience design helps increase customer loyalty and retention, because because it identifies and addresses unique needs and preferences users have at each step. The strategic emphasis on CX design also leads to achieving negative churn, as higher conversions and customer referrals become more common.


What you can get

Merge offers a comprehensive suite of customer experience design services, ensuring your every interaction with customers is optimized for engagement and conversion:

Our approach

By closely following the following approach, we ensure a tailored and effective strategy that meets the specific needs of each client.


Business immersion. Our first step is thorough client discovery, where we strive to understand your business, its unique goals, and your target audience.


Customer journey mapping. We lay out the complete customer journey, highlighting and addressing key pain points to enhance overall experience.


User research. Next, we conduct thorough and dedicated user research to gain critical insights, ensuring our strategies resonate with your audience's needs.


Revamp. Finally, we move into the implementation phase, crafting solutions and prototyping for optimized user interactions.

Who can benefit from our customer experience design?

Businesses, especially those in the process of scaling, will not only attract new clients but also significantly reduce the churn rate. Recognizing your ideal clients is just the beginning. As growth highlights the complex nature of customer interactions, the customer experience design becomes instrumental for success. That’s why we focus on refining your entire customer journey - from advertising to engagement. Our expertise will ensure you maintain a favorable brand perception and nurture lasting customer relationships.

Why choose Merge for customer experience design?

User-focused design

User-focused design

Our designs are user-centric, ensuring relatable and efficient user experiences.

Streamlined user research

Streamlined user research

We use our top-tier user research skills to determine and cater to nuanced customer needs.

Deep user journey familiarity

Deep user journey familiarity

We always identify and amplify enhancement opportunities in user journeys.

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping

With ready components, we prioritize effective prototyping and swift implementation.

Dedicated UX lead

Dedicated UX lead

Every project is guided by a design lead, overseeing UX, scope, delivery, and important tasks.

Top-tier talent

Top-tier talent

We're committed to Tier One hiring, ensuring your project benefits from the industry's best talent.

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