Chapter 1. Design philosophy

Design philosophy

We believe in making things clear and straightforward from the start. How We Work will tell you about how we approach design efficiently, how we communicate, and, most importantly, how we help you bring your product into the next league.

Our rules:

  1. We're here to provide designs that directly contribute to your business success. Our priority is to help you increase revenue with better UX, gain speed, and save time.
  2. We design for people, not other designers.

Our overall approach to design

Our overall approach to design
Our overall approach to design

We use our UX design services to boost your revenue and customer satisfaction. We are especially focused on your bottom-line results and customer experience improvements.

What does that mean?

That means we focus on meeting both user and business expectations. Such claims are achieved by thorough product UX discovery which then results in higher user satisfaction and engagement for you.

By combining our UX-first design vision with vast web development experience, we ensure that every solution is both effective at converting and efficient in terms of implementation.

Together with engineers, we always search for an easier solution from the development standpoint.

Finally, our lean approach toward project management also helps us deliver with precision while being mindful of time and cost.

Value of our design

Value of our design
Value of our design
  • Our design strategically guides your users toward actions you want them to make. More sign-ups, more engagement, more revenue.
  • A UX-first approach leads to more intuitive and enjoyable user experiences, and satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat customers, reducing churn rates and increasing the lifetime value of each customer.
  • Great design focused on the user puts your product ahead of competitors, reduces customer support requests, and increases conversions through the funnel.
  • Attracting investment. Investors do not look at bad design. Often the UX can be a Point-of-Difference from competitors in what can sell your product to investors better.

With our design:

a) you reduce time for users’ problem solving;

b) you can acquire users faster with a better UX funnel;

c) you keep users longer with a good product for each one UX is a foundation.

Human element

Human element
Human element

We focus on understanding the journey users take and empathizing with their experiences, which involves a breakdown of every customer & user flow from the traffic source to daily product usage. All this is to create interfaces that are intuitive and solve real problems.

Our goal is to ensure that users feel understood and supported throughout their journey to improve your conversions and catch all of the fail cases, not just draw mockups. If our designs are straightforward and users always know what actions they can take.

Our method also involves an iterative process of prototyping and testing, which allows us to refine our designs continually based on real feedback and insights.

Business understanding

Business understanding
Business understanding

At different stages, your product has different priorities: from the product idea validation to acquiring your first investment or building an initial prototype. As you scale your product your priorities will change which we reflected in Chapter 3 in more detail.

Always communicate with designers your priorities, vision, and nearest goals.

Collaboration during design

Collaboration during design
Collaboration during design

Collaboration is key in our design process, involving business representatives and engineering to gather diverse perspectives. The goal is to roll out the solution as fast as possible to validate it among potential or real users.

For instance, you, as a client, will communicate directly with designers, with no middle management and delays. We have perfected smooth communication to be integrated into your team and perform like your in-house member.

Despite that, we don’t need micro-management and take full responsibility for consistent follow-ups, async communication, and confirming even a raw solution or quick drafts with the founder/product manager and engineering team as fast as possible.


As a customer, you are the expert in your field, and nobody knows your business like you do. You add your extensive industry knowledge to our specialized UX design skills. Together, we refine every aspect of the customer experience. That is what we call a collaborative partnership.

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