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Product UX Discovery - collect project insights from every corner

We don’t believe in luck. We owe every idea and insight we gain during product design and development to preparation, hard work, and dedication to our craft. That’s why we offer our UX discovery services - to ensure your product’s design is truly up to snuff.

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Avoid ill-researched products with our product discovery phase!

Why we perform UX discovery

We have discovered that investing our time and effort into the product UX discovery saves us a lot of heartache and our clients a lot of money by minimizing the number of later issues and misconstrued requirements by a mile.

Performing product discovery helps us collect as much information as possible about our clients and their existing products from various angles and sources. The studies of the competition and the audience add another layer of certainty to what we have to accomplish next.

“ The product discovery process in Merge is always exhilarating. Our team goes from product uncertainty and ambiguity to clarity in a matter of a week or two. ”

Volodymyr Myronets

Lead UI/UX Designer

Product UX discovery fundamentals at Merge

Key elements and activities of product discovery

We continuously mention that each project is different with a unique set of requirements which ties into how we perform our product UX discovery process. However, rigorous user studies, stakeholder interviews, and workshops can always be found within its essential elements.

Key activities involve anything we can use to understand your present situation - we research and survey your customers, look at your current metrics or your desired ones, perform an audit or study the potential market.

We focus on the present to see your product’s future

Company-users-competitors at the base of our research

First of all, we focus on your company’s basics. Tell us about your mission and goals and what you like or dislike the most about your current products. What would you prefer we change? Or what new things would you like us to create?

Next are your clients and competitors - two different aspects of your business, yet both equally require our utmost attention and curiosity. Their analysis will grant us a more precise understanding of which design your users would appreciate the most.

Steps in our discovery process

Our team at Merge devised a 5-step product UX discovery process aimed at helping us gain more understanding of you and what you want us to create. Our well-measured course of action has enabled us to alleviate most of the design problems that usually come from a lack of research.


Stakeholder workshop

In our pre-proposal stage, our stakeholder workshop's primary goal is to take a peek into your world and understand your objectives behind a new product or service or a fix-up of existing ones. We send you an all-inclusive questionnaire beforehand, and we go through it together.


Competitor analysis

We research and evaluate, on average, around five of your most prominent direct competitors, their best products, and methods to learn their role in today’s market and what they offer their clients. The main focus is on their main strengths and weaknesses.


UX audit

This next discovery step is reserved solely for when we do a redesign of your current product or service. Our team of professional designers and developers assesses the ongoing version of your digital solution to pick out issues we need to fix.


Basic ideation

During the ideation step, we try to generate as many valuable ideas and insights as possible and then turn them into assumptions on how to either improve on your current product or develop a new one that will stand the test of time.


Backlog list

Based on all the previous steps, we formulate a backlog list that is a broad and systematized catalog of impending tasks, found bugs, inconsistencies, and new features that our team needs to complete to wrap up and deliver your product successfully.

Our team members check any idea we come up with on its relevance, user-orientedness, and practicality.

What we plan to achieve

Product UX discovery deliverables

What we receive at the end of our product discovery phase is a particularly viable product concept that we can now use as a team to represent our shared vision of the project's scope and outcome.

Main deliverables include a complete product blueprint (information architecture) incorporating all functional components of your project, an extensive user flow, and, most importantly, a detailed project roadmap with tasks and ETA based on our backlog list.

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