Website redesign and Webflow development: making Alta stand out among competitors

Alts is an alternative investments' largest digital marketplace in Southeast Asia

Crafting a customer-focused digital experience

Steering USD22B+ in mandated deals and with over a million investors in its investor community, Alta Alternative Investments stands tall as Southeast Asia's leading digital securities exchange. But their old website was trailing behind, not reflecting their industry-leading status. This case study is our story of working with Alta, making their website look great and perform even better. Read on to discover how we gave their online presence a fresh look, fixed development bugs, and improved user experience.


— Product UX Discovery

— UI/UX design

— Website design

— Website Development

— Graphic Design

Tech stack

— Webflow

Strategic redesign that transformed Alta's web presence

Before jumping into redesigning, we meticulously analyzed Alta's previous website, pinpointing its strengths and flaws, especially focusing on UX. We closely studied their business model, evaluated how competitors presented themselves online and created a clearer and more intuitive website layout.


The new design is simple, fresh, and easy for users to move around. And with the surge in mobile users, we gave special attention to making sure the website runs smoothly on smartphones and tablets alike.

Making things work better with Webflow

It's vital for a website to be more than just a pretty face; it should work flawlessly. With that in mind, we fixed all the technical problems Alta had. Using Webflow, we built a strong and flexible website that can grow with Alta, adapting to new requirements and helping them better connect with their clients.

Before and after Merge's redesign of Alta's website:


What Merge did for Alta: step by step

  • UX Discovery and Audit: Our journey began with a thorough exploration of Alta's user experience. Through an audit, we identified pain points and design opportunities, providing a roadmap for the process.
  • Information Architecture: Restructuring the information architecture, we simplified user flows for seamless navigation. This streamlined journey from landing to conversion, improving engagement.
  • Website design: In our approach, we highlighted Alta's offerings through modern visuals, ensuring that complex concepts were presented with clarity. By blending modern aesthetics with intuitive interactions, we aimed to create an inclusive digital environment that resonates with every visitor.
  • Webflow development: Addressing technical glitches, we selected Webflow as our development platform for its flexibility. This choice ensured a robust foundation for our visually appealing website.
  • Strategic integration: Integrating business objectives, our development aligned with Alta's goals. Strategic elements, optimized structure, and collaborative communication drove engagement and future growth.

Adrian Koh, Head of Growth at Alta

In conclusion:

Through a meticulous web design process, we transformed Alta's website into a modern and user-friendly that aligns seamlessly with their brand identity. The redesign not only enhances user experience but also optimizes the website for different devices, ensuring a consistent journey for all users. Furthermore, by leveraging the Webflow platform, we tackled technical challenges and brought our design vision to life. So that the resulting website is not only aesthetically pleasing but also technically robust and scalable, setting the stage for Alta's continued growth and improved customer engagement.


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