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Front-end development services - timeless web solutions for your business

Today, having a website means keeping up with the industry and making sure your business has the means to connect with customers. If you want to stay afloat, you should definitely add a proper web representation. Our front-end development services will help you with that.

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Custom-made website or web app you will definitely want to flaunt

HTML & CSS responsive web development services

Any website needs element and branding consistency, stability, and responsiveness. In our work, our frontend developers and designers use two core frontend technologies to resize, rescale, remove, shrink, expand, or move any element or content to make it look good on any type of device or screen.

Both standard and cross-browser compatibility with easy navigation and little-to-no resizing are possible thanks to CSS, a programming language used for styling and formatting, and HTML that creates a base for any web page.

“ There’s a reason it’s called front-end development - we offer a service of creating an exceptional and responsive online facade for your digital solution. It’s the first thing your clients see.

Volodymyr Mazurets

Head of Development

Bringing our a-game in web and mobile responsiveness

Front-end web development with JavaScript

JavaScript is the third fundamental part of any modern web development technology stack. We use it to transform and script pages we made using HTML into an interactive and dynamic web ecosystem with rich functionality and user experience.

If you want to engage your user - JavaScript is the way to go. Our Merge team has extensive experience with this programming language and all its newest features, libraries, and frameworks.

We use only the best and time-proven tools in our work

Front-end development frameworks

Only by constantly adapting our work routine and technology stack to the latest industry standards have we been able to frequently produce even the most complex websites and applications. Our agency team’s frontend skills are up to date with such popular frameworks as ReactJS, AngularJS, and Vue.js.

Adding the newest technologies gives us and the web development projects we create the benefits of stable performance, quicker development through code reusability, scalable components, continuous post-release support, and adding almost any feature you desire.

Frontend web development workflow

In our web development process, we consider both the logical and aesthetic layers of any project at all times. Our front end developer team always chooses the proper language to code either natively or cross-platform, and we follow the brand’s identity and market positioning. Our agency development process consists mainly of three standard parts.

After analyzing all the requirements and making decisions on the technology stack, we create the project’s UI and UX and lay the foundation by creating a front-end development roadmap.
Coding, task automation, source control, code checking, testing, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for styling, markup, and project logic. Our front-end web development company builds the components that will later interact with the users.
Project implementation means transforming your website or web app from pieces of code into a web solution. With continuous integration management, our agency tests and deploys our code without any bugs.

You get a top-level website, as well as reliable post-development maintenance and support if you hire Merge

Tailored solutions to your development needs

Services we can offer you as a front-end development agency

Merge can offer you a skilled team of dedicated front-end developers. Our agency has years of experience in designing and developing state-of-the-art web solutions with intuitive and responsive interfaces.

What else you can expect from us as a front-end development company: on-time project delivery, personalized solutions, straightforward development process, quality assurance, latest coding standards, data security, and an excellent price-to-quality ratio. As our client, you'll get a team of developers that understands your project's unique needs.

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