Fast and efficient MVP design and development for AI tool

Fast and efficient MVP design and development for AI tool

Fast and efficient MVP design and development for AI tool

About the project

Promtify: Merge’s own AI template builder

We at Merge, after creating numerous MVPs for our partners and motivated by a desire to leverage our expertise in AI integration, we decided to build our own AI product — Promtify.

Unlike similar AI apps that were hard to use, we focused on making Promtify simple and good-looking. Our journey started with a basic version to test our idea, emphasizing the frontend and integrating the OpenAI API. Realizing that functionality alone wasn't enough, we added a thoughtful design, a subscription model, and a robust database. Our goal was to transform Promtify into a tool that's not just useful but also enjoyable to use.

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UI/UX design, Web design, Design dystem, Motion design, Front-end development, Back-end development, MVP development, AI integration.

Tech stack

Next.js, Supabase, Vercel, OpenAI API.

Promtify Branding

Promtify Branding

Prompts catalogue

Prompts catalogue

Fast idea validation

Speed and efficiency were paramount in testing the Promtify concept. Recognizing the need for swift idea validation, we adopted an agile approach. By focusing only on essential features and the frontend, we ensured a lean and resource-efficient development process.

Leveraging our in-house expertise and a well-defined development strategy, we efficiently integrated the OpenAI API, allowing us to test the core idea without excessive resource allocation. This agile methodology not only reduced time-to-market but also optimized costs.

UX-focused design for AI products

In our quest for an outstanding user experience (UX) within Promtify, our AI design approach was straightforward. Tackling the challenge of creating a user-friendly template builder, we opted for the practical Slate.js library, ensuring a streamlined environment. This decision not only facilitated efficient template creation but also catered to our project's unique needs.

The journey didn't stop there; a steadfast commitment to user satisfaction led to ongoing refinements. User feedback prompted us to improve usability, resulting in a more polished version released two months later.

Prompt building tool

Prompt building tool

Work process

Visual concept

We started with creating the visual concept, setting a clear product direction.

Information architecture

Then we delved into features, refining user interactions for effective design.

UI design

We brought the concept to life through a visually appealing and intuitive user interface.


Conceptualized and executed a visually captivating website, incorporating engaging animations.


We deployed technologies such as Next.js, Supabase, and Vercel for efficient and scalable development.

Marketing materials

Our designers crafted promotional materials, including the creation of a distinctive mascot, a dragon.

Promtify prompt mobile

Promtify prompt mobile

Promtify prompt desktop

Promtify prompt desktop

The practical value

MVP launch in two months

In a mere two months of parallel design and development, we successfully launched Promtify’s (MVP).

Early user adoption

Promtify experienced rapid user adoption, with a significant number of users registering shortly after, meaning the product resonated with the market.

Promtify web design

Promtify web design

Promtify’s future vision

As we look ahead, our vision for Promtify extends beyond its current state. Our goal is to transform it into an indispensable asset for tech teams ranging from 50 to 200 people.

Enhanced workflow with Gen-AI integration

In our future plans, Gen-AI integration takes center stage, linking tools and offering predefined workflows tailored for high-communicative roles in tech teams. This strategic move aims to create a seamless and intelligent collaboration environment within Promtify, boosting productivity and team communication.

Enterprise-level solution with self-hosted LLM

We also plan to introduce of a self-hosted Language Model (LLM), ensuring data security and privacy. This self-hosted LLM will open the door to thousands of automated use cases, learning and adapting based on the unique data of each company. The result is a tailored and secure environment that empowers tech teams to harness the full potential of AI-driven automation.

In conclusion

Final words

In creating Promtify, we mixed AI know-how with a dedication to user-friendly design. Our unique visuals, smart tech choices, and a focus on making things automatic came together to make a really helpful AI tool that stands out.

We worked quickly and smartly, designing and making a basic version (MVP) at the same time. This fast and efficient process led to a product that we're now improving bit by bit. Our commitment to always getting better means Promtify keeps changing to meet what users need.

Meet the Merge team


Pavel Tseluyko — CEO Viktoriia Berezhna — Project Lead Designer Kate Hordiienko, Yulia Debretseni, Elizabeth Yevtushenko, Anastasiia Gunko — UI/UX Designers Iryna Bocharova — Motion Designers Valeriia Voronkova — Marketing Designer


Oleksandr Ratushniy — Front-end Developer