Enhancing audio experience with AI for Waffly

Enhancing audio experience with AI for Waffly

Enhancing audio experience with AI for Waffly

About the project

The AI-powered Proof of Concept (POC) for Waffly

When Merge teamed up with Waffly, the goal was clear: infuse the audio player with AI magic, particularly semantic search capabilities. Drawing on our AI expertise, we meticulously mapped out the journey, aiming to redefine the audio experience.

In just a month, our combined efforts materialized into a Proof of Concept (POC) for Waffly.


UX architecture, Product management, UI design, Front-end development.

Tech stack

No-code chatbot, Node.js, Typescript, Mongo DB, GraphQL, React (Next.js + Tailwind), Jira + Notion (PM), SCRUM process setup, VOSK API library, Pyannote-audio.

A symphony of AI audio excellence with a robust AI technology stack

In a quest to redefine audio experiences, Waffly embraced a robust AI audio technology stack. By harnessing the power of VOSK API library and Pyannote-audio, we achieved seamless transcription of raw audio files. This potent technological fusion was complemented by an elegantly simple and minimalistic UI within the web application, ensuring effortless and enjoyable interactions. Waffly's audio journey embodies the perfect harmony of cutting-edge AI integration and an intuitive user interface.

What exactly Merge did

We meticulously navigated through a well-defined development roadmap, ensuring a seamless integration of AI into Waffly.

Discovery phase

Conducted stakeholder interviews and focused competitor research within tight timelines, ensuring targeted user insights.

Product architecture and planning

Swiftly transitioned to rapid prototyping, enabling quick validation and flexible architecture.

Delivery phase

Utilized SCRUM with 2-week sprints, parallelizing design and development for optimal efficiency, inching closer to Waffly's AI-driven vision.

The practical value

One month for POC

Successfully shipped a Proof of Concept (POC) within a month.

Three months for MVP

Delivered a polished Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in just 3 months.

Efficient product management

We efficiently managed a 3rd party external team optimizing the development.

In conclusion

Final words

Our partnership with Waffly signifies a milestone in audio innovation through AI integration. The swift POC and MVP delivery underscore not only our technical capability but our commitment to actualizing meaningful business value.

At Merge, we're committed to bringing forward-thinking AI solutions to our partners.

Meet the Merge team

Anton Parkhomenko — Product Manager & UX Designer Anton Mykhailov — Project Manager & QA Volodymyr Mazurets, Oleh Chynchyk — Front-end Developers Artem Smirnov — Back-end Developer & DevOps

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