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Specializing in assembling top-notch talent, Merge will help you get a dedicated product team to cover every aspect of product development from discovery phase to user research and delivering new awesome features.

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How does dedicated team model work?

With a dedicated team model, we combine our expertise and experience to achieve success through shared commitment.


Share your software design and development scope and your project requirements.


Watch as we meticulously handpick the finest talent perfectly suited for your project's needs.


Get acquainted with development team and witness their expertise in action as they dive into your tasks.


Steer the course of your project by adapting the scope and product development team size at any point.

Benefits of working with a dedicated team

Easy to start

Experience the ease of getting started with our dedicated product team. Bid farewell to the tiresome process of building a functional team for developing apps, cloud databases, or any other software project.

Easy to manage

We take care of internal management of the dedicated development team. The only thing required from you is to review the project deliverables and provide the project development challenges.


Adjustments and scaling are our forte. Whether the project's scope has changed or you just want to speed up the process, our flexibility allows us to quickly relocate project resources and still deliver exceptional results.

The best talent and expertise

The talent we choose for your dedicated product team will tackle tasks of any complexity. And we have over a dozen senior professionals and specialists to staff your project.

Quality and reliability

We always take responsibility for the quality of work we deliver with our development services. Our approach is to do our job better than expected on each software project.

Effectiveness and support

Optimize your operations and save costs with dedicated product teams. We handle financial and legal aspects, providing a hassle-free experience for your business.

Who can benefit from working with dedicated software development teams

Who can benefit from working with dedicated software development teams

Whether it's a lack of internal resources, slow time-to-market, or inconsistent quality, our dedicated teams step in to provide efficient and reliable solutions. We will also help you introduce new functionality or enhance existing products with our dedicated teams.

Creating a pivotal foundation for market-leading brands and products with our dedicated product team is what we do best.

Crafting a pivotal foundation for market-leading brands and products

Our experience in building dedicated teams

Sneak a peek and read our success stories as we showcase the product development process with our dedicated product teams. Learn more about how our collaborative approach to dedicated software development helped shape the success of our clients and their businesses.

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A dedicated team of developers for data platform


A dedicated team of developers for data platform

We integrated a dedicated design and development team, offering UX/UI designs for the platform’s mobile and web apps.
Crafted software designs, ensuring a cohesive UX, later adding front-end development.

Long-term continuous cooperation on your project

Long-term software and app development projects require constant attention. Such that only full-time onsite employees could provide. Then what should you do if you need an in-house team to properly manage the complete product development process? Correct, you hire such a development team. That's what our dedicated product teams are all about.

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