Protection from cyber fraud through enhanced digital safety

Protection from cyber fraud through enhanced digital safety

Protection from cyber fraud through enhanced digital safety

About the project

Innovative cybersecurity for user protection

Our objective in the Siren project was to create a data security product alerting users to potential risks in incoming messages. The aim was to not only prevent fraud but also to enable users to reclaim any lost funds.

This initiative addressed the urgent need for heightened security in the digital space. For this exact reason, we developed a user-friendly solution that combines intuitive design with robust security.

By focusing on user needs first, Siren empowers individuals with tools to detect risks and safeguards their assets. Our approach has significantly enhanced user confidence in digital safety.

Services provided

Product UX discovery, Graphic design, Motion design, UI/UX design, Web design, Mobile development, Web development

Tech stack

React Native, Webflow

Onboarding design

Onboarding design

Mascot creation

Mascot creation

How we made the Siren app

Creating the Siren app was all about making cyber safety easy and friendly. We wanted to make sure that when people use Siren, they feel protected but also understood and cared for.

With the Siren app, we aimed to dissolve the complexity of cyber protection into a simple, intuitive experience. Our goal was to create a tool where users could easily regain their trust in data security without being bogged down by technical complexities.

The website and mascot story

Building Siren's website and look was delightful. Selecting Webflow as our CMS was a game-changer, offering the flexibility to bring our creative vision to life while being economical for our client. Our designers got to show off, creating cool drawings and animations that make the website fun to visit.

A standout feature was the creation of the Siren mascot. This cheerful and humorous robot not only added personality to the brand but also served as a friendly guide through the landscape of cybercrime. We wanted to make something that makes people feel happy and secure online.

Mobile app design and development

Mobile app design and development

Walking through the process

Our journey in creating Siren had us blend creativity, technology, and a deep understanding of user needs.

Mobile app design

First, we sketched out the design of the Siren app, focusing on making it user-friendly and intuitive. We tested different layouts and features to ensure that users would find it easy and enjoyable to navigate.

Mobile app development

Once the design was set, our developers brought it to life using React Native. They worked tirelessly to ensure the app was fast, secure, and could handle sensitive data without hiccups.

Identity and motion

We wanted something that stood out and connected with users for Siren's identity. Our team developed a unique visual style, including the creation of the Siren mascot and engaging animations that made the app and website more lively and approachable.

Website design and development

The website's design process mirrored our commitment to user-friendliness and engaging visuals. Our developers then built it using Webflow, focusing on making it responsive and easy to navigate across different devices and platforms.

Security website design

Security website design

In conclusion

Siren is definitely a testament to our shared commitment to user-centric cybersecurity. By balancing intuitive design with robust technology, we have redefined the user experience in digital safety. Siren not only alerts users to threats but also offers a pathway to reclaim what's lost, restoring faith in digital interactions.

Meet the team


Elizabet Hyliuk — Head of Design Volodymyr Myronets — Project Lead Designer Valeriia Voronkova — Graphic & Web designer Alena Shalimova, Kseniia Lukashuk — UI/UX Designers Khrystyna Mytsak — Graphic & Motion Designer Iryna Bocharova — Motion Designer


Nikita Shevchenko, Ruslan Yehorenko — React Native Developers Oleh Chynchyk — Front-end Developer

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