Protection from cyber fraud

Guaranteed protection from cyber fraud. Auto stops scams and frauds with Instant restoration of funds stolen by fraudsters.



Our team was tasked with delivering a data security product that alerts users to the level of risk associated with incoming messages, while also offering a subscription plan to help prevent fraud and allowing them to reclaim lost funds if necessary.

In order to accomplish this, we designed and developed a solution that addresses both the product's goals and the user's needs in a user-friendly, intuitive, and secure manner, providing them with the confidence and tools to stay safe.

Scope of work

Mobile app

Having designed the Siren mobile application from the ground up, we ensured users were able to access its key features as a data security app with ease.


Designed with a focus on maximizing conversion rates, the Siren website is engaging and user-friendly across all devices.


We developed the Siren mobile app with React Native and a website with Webflow for optimal performance and a smooth user experience.

Design and development process

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    Mobile App

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    Mobile App

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    Identity and

  • 4

    Website Design and

App design

While designing the mobile application, we had but one goal in mind - to make users feel protected, understood, and taken care of.

The goal is to create cyber protection solutions that don't require too much hassle to use and where people would restore their faith in their data safety.

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App development

Building a cybersecurity app is challenging, considering it needs to access users' sensitive data to work correctly. We collaborated closely with the client to ensure that the app worked well and passed all the requirements.

Our expertise in React Native helped us to find solutions to all challenges and ensure that users and their funds are protected.

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Visual Identity

Visual identity and website

For the website, we picked Webflow as a CMS, which gave us the needed flexibility and saved a lot of time and money for the client.

Every detail, from illustrations to animations, was handcrafted by our talented design team. We also created the Siren mascot – a happy, funny robot that guides the users trough the dangerous world of cybercrime.


Product UX discovery

Graphic design

Motion design

UI/UX design

Web design

Mobile development

Web development

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“We have developed all the projects that Merge has delivered and our current clients are extremely pleased with the final result. We drastically lowered our churn rate by 90%“