Crafting an intuitive crypto payment platform for RelayPay

A payment gateway that bridges the gap between traditional finance and digital currencies

Developing intuitive platform for easy crypto payments

RelayPay, a forward-thinking Australian payment system, envisioned a groundbreaking approach to cryptocurrency interaction. Their objective: to develop an intuitive platform for easy crypto payments, bill settlements, and fund transfers.

Challenges included simplifying the complex crypto process and convincing merchants to embrace cryptocurrency payments.


— UI/UX design

— Web design

— Front-end development

— Website Development

— Graphic Design

— Animations

Tech Stack

— Webflow

— Next.js

— Typescript

How we helped RelayPay

Merge guided RelayPay in crafting an innovative platform, providing expertise in user-centric design and multi-platform consistency. Our efforts empowered RelayPay to achieve their goals of simplifying crypto transactions and gaining merchant adoption.

Here's what it looked like before and after:

After the revamp, RelayPay's website transformed into a sleek, user-friendly site with an intuitive navigation, and a visually appealing layout, effectively showcasing the product's features and enhancing the brand's online image.


Addressing RelayPay's challenges and shared business objectives

RelayPay faced challenges in user experience and merchant acceptance. They sought a seamless onboarding process and a user-friendly interface to boost adoption. Our design struck a balance, simplifying the crypto process and educating users. Through collaboration, we successfully addressed these challenges and met their business objectives.


Walking through the process:

Our approach involved a meticulous design process to tackle complexity and encourage merchant acceptance.

  • Conducted comprehensive market research to understand user perspectives.
  • Collaborated closely with RelayPay to define user personas and goals.
  • Streamlined the UI to enhance user experience, focusing on simplicity and functionality.
  • Implemented educational features to familiarize users with cryptocurrency.
  • Ensured a consistent and engaging interface across web and mobile platforms.

Delivering measurable value:

Increased user engagement

Getting a substantial boost in user interaction and involvement, resulting in a more immersive and satisfying user experience.

Boosted merchant adoption

Achieving higher user retention rates within a digital platform leads to a greater frequency of transactions.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

The improved design and performance led to users' praising the platform's intuitive design and educational features.

In conclusion:

The RelayPay project was a testament to our ability to balance aesthetics, functionality, and security in crafting a solution that met complex goals. The collaboration resulted in a platform that simplifies cryptocurrency transactions and addresses user trust and merchant adoption concerns.


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