Entire trading experience. Packaged in an intuitive trading platform design.

Industry-standard design for trading platforms

Modern trading platforms need to combine sleek design with simple navigation. With years of experience in fintech, our Merge team has learned to onboard and verify users fast and simplify their wealth management.

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Build trading platforms with experts

Work with a group of product design experts to create interfaces for your trading platforms. Our track record includes web and mobile solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges, trading terminals, and investment apps (both for crypto and mutual funds).
We use the latest technologies in the field to make your trading software products both functional but also easy to use.

Design as added value for your trading software

Good design and software development are unbeatable if you need a successful trading platform. Here’s why:

  • Enhanced user experience

    Streamlined and intuitive interfaces keep users engaged and reduce churn.

  • Market knowledge

    We know all the nuances in this niche.

  • Competitive advantage

    Stand out in the fierce Web3 market with superior usability and innovative features.

  • Improved customer loyalty

    A visually appealing and easy-to-navigate platform brings loyalty and referrals.

  • Reduced support costs

    A well-designed platform UI minimizes user errors and the need for customer support.

  • Adaptability to market changes

    Agile design processes mean your platform can quickly adapt to new market demands or changes.

Choose the kind of design that will make your potential customers choose your trading software over any other.

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Discovery and research

We start by understanding your market, data, competitors, and user needs to ensure our design aligns with your business goals.


Style of interface

Next, we design the interface of the trading platform while simultaneously working on enhancing the overall user experience.


Design and testing

Our team develops high-fidelity prototypes, conducts usability testing, and refines product based on user feedback.


Delivery to engineers

The handoff is done as thoroughly as possible to ensure it accurately reflects the design and specifications of your platform.


Who can benefit from custom trading software design

Our trading platform design services are ideal for:

Are you a startup looking to disrupt traditional markets with your innovative custom trading solutions?


Why choose Merge for trading platform design?

The complex process of designing and software development of an online trading experience requires a competent touch, which our team has due to the following.

Domain expertise

Domain expertise

Our team has extensive financial industry experience crafting intuitive interfaces for stockbrokers, exchanges, and investment apps.

User-centric approach

User-centric approach

Our frequent testing and feedback allow continual refinement for maximum usability, conversions, and ROI.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support

A designated project manager oversees delivery, while our support team handles maintenance and updates.


Our tech stack for your trading platform development

Every trading platform development project needs a carefully selected tech stack to ensure that it will be delivered on time. Check out what technologies our designers and developers work with.

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Trusted by startups with more than $100 million in funding

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“The Merge Development team is very good at what they do. It’s why we’ve continued to use their services even after a year. We plan to work with them for the rest of our businesss life.

David Kemmerer, CEO & Co-Founder at CoinLedger

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“Working with them was awesome. It's the best experience I've had working with a design agency. We were incredibly impressed by the final product!

Anna Murphy, Director of Marketing at LiveSchool

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“We find their approach to working processes, design, and development very satisfying and that usually only top agencies can provide.

Charlie Karaboga, CEO & Co-Founder Block Earner

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Efficient product design for SaaS and Fintech

Why choose Merge for your product design:

Building world-class product interfaces

Partnership & collaboration culture

Your conversions & growth is our main focus

Reliable delivery built on experience

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