Human-centric solutions to all your UI/UX needs

UI/UX design services focused on people

UI/UX design servicesfocused on people

We take care of each design detail, so you don’t have to. Instead, you can finally focus on growing and nurturing your business, knowing your user’s experience will be seamless. Just tell us your unique vision, and we can take it from here.

Usability Testing

Visual Design

Competitors Analysis

UX Research

Our design is for companies that know — their customers are their greatest asset!

UX design services

Focus on research-driven user experience

If you want to see your clients happy while using your product, you need to put them first in any decision you make. Our UX services are all about creating a smooth and seamless experience where your customers feel valued and understood.

Our user experience design guarantees that every interaction between your product and your clients comes without a hitch. Our extensive research and user testing are precisely why we can easily do that.

“There’s a fine line between incorporating the client’s every unique requirement into the design and making it too complicated.
We make sure your app or website is both easy to use,
and the visuals stand out.”

Elisabeth Hyliuk

Head of Design

UI design services

Clean and timeless UI
is the pillar of successful design

The main goal of our user interface design services is to apply everything we’ve learned from research and testing to turn the prototypes into a full-grown interactive interface. Consistency, scalability, and ease of use rank at the top of our priority list.

From there on out, the style guide is ready, and the design system is set. Animations work to impress. Our team now has the whole picture, and we see even the teensiest element is right where it belongs.

SaaS Design and Development

We know how to make design usable and not just pretty!

Design expertise

We specialize in designing and creating cross-platform mobile applications, SaaS platforms, Fintech apps, and many more. For cross-platform development of both B2B and B2C projects, we use React Native to give it that “native” look and feel.

Our experience with SaaS platforms allows us to turn complex into intuitive. Finally, the Fintech apps are where we make numbers look less scary, so your clients can actually enjoy managing their finances.

Our design process

Each project is unique with its own set of requirements. Still, we follow our tried and true design methods
and routine to guarantee a reliable outcome. At the base of our approach are user-friendliness,
teamwork, and focus on long-term synergetic relationships.

  • Discovery and research give us the imperative advantage of creating products that work from the start. By doing user research, we take a peek into the customer’s minds to understand their behavior.
  • The UX part of our design process is where our research findings meet the actual product. A the end of the UX phase, we have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of what the result may look like.
  • During the UI design phase, we create high-fidelity interactive mockups, motion design, logo, and branding. Your product’s graphical interface is then perfected and finalized.

A great app is the one designed with the client’s business goals in mind!

Core design values at Merge

Our priority is to make your business grow and expand

Simplicity. We make sure your project’s visuals meet the core needs of your clients. In design, simple equals elegant.

Timelessness. We turn design challenges into functional and timeless pieces of art that stay true to universal design principles.

User-focused approach. During each of our design stages, we take a step back to check if any of the changes match the needs of our users.

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