A Webflow-ready design: crafting an interactive design compatible with seamless development for Oleria

Oleria is a software development company providing adaptive security solutions for businesses

A pioneering security and cybersecurity industry solution

Backed by Salesforce Ventures and Tapestry VC, Oleria is a zero-trust access management platform. We aimed to build a website to communicate effectively and consistently about the product and attract potential customers. This case study showcases our work on Oleria's website makeover, we will cover everything from design to complete Webflow development.

Total funding


Oleria has secured $8m in its seed funding round.


— Product UX Discovery

— UI/UX design

— Website design

— Website Development

— Animations

— Illustrations

Tech stack

— Webflow

Merge's journey with Oleria involved several key phases, aside from creating the Oleria platform itself, which we'll discuss in a future case study. It all started with designing website components and then moved on to developing the entire website using Webflow. As the project progressed, our focus shifted to revitalizing the entire website.

Before vs. after:

The previous version of the Oleria website design featured static elements and a basic color scheme. In the current design, we enhanced the user experience with a modern and intuitive interface using dynamic graphics and an improved navigation system.


Walking through the process:

  • Research: We extensively researched Oleria's target audience and the security industry trends.
  • Design: Drawing inspiration from nature, warm color palettes create a non-traditional and emotionally engaging design in the cybersecurity realm. Complex animations and illustrations make our design solutions unique.
  • Webflow Development: Our developers collaborated closely with designers to implement complex animations and gradients within the Webflow framework. The intricate animations added delightful moments to the website and challenged the status quo within the security management platform.
  • Accessibility: We followed best practices for accessibility, conducted color contrast checks, optimized site loading speed to ensure great user experience when presented with the high volume of animations.

Developing sophisticated animations for a dynamic experience

We added intricate animations to Oleria's website to make it more engaging. Our design and development teams worked together to craft smooth transitions, eye-catching hover effects, and seamless entrance animations. These animations not only made the site visually appealing but also ensured it remained fast and user-friendly. Our development team ensured that complex animations, gradients, and other sophisticated design components were not just visual spectacles but fully functional features.


Delivering measurable value:

Hitting performance tests

Confirms that the website has demonstrated exceptional performance across various metrics.

Higher conversion rates

Illustrates enhanced user engagement and effectiveness in achieving business objectives.

More website visitors

Highlights the noticeable enhanced user trust and showcases growing interest in Oleria's offerings.

In conclusion:

Oleria's website redesign and makeover were quantified successfully through performance tests, demonstrating improved site speed and conversion rate data, highlighting the increase in user engagement. The results show how the design and development efforts have strengthened Oleria's online presence and built stronger connections with customers and partners.


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