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LiveSchool, a cutting-edge school culture and behavior management product seeking to boost their online presence and stand out from competitors, decided to provide an exceptional website experience for their users.

This case study unveils the collaborative journey between Merge and LiveSchool, showcasing the transformative website redesign and development.



— Product UX Discovery

— UI/UX design

— Website design

— Website Development

— Motion Design

Tech Stack

— Webflow

Amplifying online visibility and user engagement

LiveSchool wanted to connect with educators and schools, enticing them to explore the platform’s features and experience its numerous benefits. The website redesign was carefully designed to communicate Live School’s unique value proposition, highlight its innovative features, and provide a user-friendly experience. The goal was to attract new users and expand their customer base, establishing Live School as a top choice in the Edtech industry.


Standing out in the Edtech industry

Through the website redesign, Live School aimed to differentiate itself from competitors by offering a visually captivating and user-friendly platform. The ultimate objective was to establish Live School as a trusted partner for schools seeking a comprehensive solution for behavior management, while also positioning the company as an innovator in the Edtech space.

Walking through the work process

We embarked on an exciting journey with LiveSchool, bringing together our expertise in research, design, and development to create an exceptional website experience. Here's how we made it happen.

What exactly we did:

  • Through extensive research, we gained valuable insights into LiveSchool's target audience, industry trends, and competitors, shaping our approach accordingly.
  • We crafted captivating visual concepts and high-fidelity mockups that aligned with their brand and goals, providing a visual blueprint for the website's design.

  • From subtle hover effects to captivating transitions, we brought the website to life, creating delightful and memorable interactions.
  • Leveraging our Webflow development expertise, we transformed the designs into a scalable, responsive, and robust website.

“Their timeliness and their ability to take feedback as they built deliverables. We were incredibly impressed by the final product!”

Anna Murphy, Director of Marketing at LiveSchool


The website redesign experience

The website redesign, featuring a distinctive visual identity, improved user experience, and innovative features, established Live School as a premier option in the Edtech industry. Our collaborative process, encompassing discovery, meticulous design, and seamless development, is propelling Live School to excel and shine in a highly competitive market.

Value in numbers

Website Indicators Surge

LiveSchool experienced a surge across all critical performance and success metrics, exemplified by substantial increases in user traffic, prolonged visit durations, and heightened conversion rates.

2x Conversion Increase

The successful overhaul of the website's design led to the achievement of its primary goal, effectively doubling the conversion rate and significantly enhancing user engagement.

In conclusion

Merge's partnership with Live School exemplifies the transformative impact of expertise, innovation, and competitor research in revolutionizing the Edtech experience. Through thorough competitor analysis and strategic design choices, we are successfully assisting Live School in setting its product apart from the competition.


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