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Just because it's a security product doesn't mean it should be too complex and unusable. Your SaaS clients deserve better. Give them the design that puts your best security features in the spotlight. Design that is simple, trustworthy, efficient.

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Build intuitive security solutions with SaaS experts

Uncomplicating the complicated. That's the Merge team's motto when designing for SaaS security. We specialize in creating user-friendly and simple designs for SaaS products in the data security and cybersecurity sectors.
Our expertise helps us transform complex tools into accessible and efficient solutions for your B2B users.

Design as added value

Good design is crucial for security tools because it ensures that secure operation becomes the natural and preferred choice for users. Well-designed UI and UX for SaaS can:

  • Enhance usability

    It simplifies complex processes, making it easier for your users to navigate and use your security tools.

  • Boost efficiency

    It improves your product’s efficiency, allowing you to focus on critical tasks without being stuck in bulky interfaces.

  • Increase adoption

    By making your security tools more accessible and user-friendly, good design can encourage wider adoption within organizations.

  • Build trust

    Good design presents a polished and professional UI that reflects the seriousness of security tasks to instil confidence in your clients.

  • Decrease costs

    A clear design with intuitive layout results in fewer support tickets, which, in turn, lowers your operational costs.

Choose the kind of design that will make your potential customers choose your security product over any other.

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Discovery and research

We study your market, competitors, and user needs to ensure that our design perfectly aligns with your business goals.


Design and testing

Our team develops prototypes, conducts usability testing, and refines the product based on real user feedback.


Style of interface

Next, we design the security platform's interface and refine functionality while working on enhancing user experience.


Delivery to engineers

We hand over the finished work for implementation as thoroughly as possible to accurately reflect your product's design.


Who can benefit

Our design services for SaaS products in the Security sector are ideal for:

Looking to enhance your cloud-based security solutions through thoughtful design?


Why choose Merge?

We make even the most complex processes feel natural. With years of experience designing SaaS products, we have what it takes to make your solution stand out:

Deep industry knowledge

Deep industry knowledge

We know the unique challenges and needs of the security industry, and focus on intuitive navigation, easy setup, and clear visuals.

Proven experience

Proven experience

With a track record of designing successful Security tools, we bring lots of relevant experience to the table, ensuring high-quality results.

Time and cost efficiency

Time and cost efficiency

We get your solution to market faster while minimizing expensive reworks down the road that could delay launch and cost more to fix.


Our tech stack

Every project needs a carefully selected tech stack to ensure that it will be delivered on time. Check out what technologies our designers and developers work with.

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Trusted by startups with more than $100 million in funding

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“The Merge Development team is very good at what they do. It’s why we’ve continued to use their services even after a year. We plan to work with them for the rest of our businesss life.

David Kemmerer, CEO & Co-Founder at CoinLedger

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“Working with them was awesome. It's the best experience I've had working with a design agency. We were incredibly impressed by the final product!

Anna Murphy, Director of Marketing at LiveSchool

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“We find their approach to working processes, design, and development very satisfying and that usually only top agencies can provide.

Charlie Karaboga, CEO & Co-Founder Block Earner

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