AI and design for a better insurance experience

AI and design for a better insurance experience

AI and design for a better insurance experience

About the project

Crafting user-friendly insurance with AI

Insure+ wanted to offer users an easier way to manage health insurance on their phones. Their goals included making the process of buying insurance simpler, improving the AI bot experience for users, and attracting pre-seed investments. They came to us needing a fresh design for their app, one that would resonate with both healthcare and real estate insurance users.

After studying the market and gathering feedback, we created a straightforward and approachable design for the Insure+ app. We focused on making the AI bot feel friendly and ensuring the insurance application process was as clear as possible.


Branding, Graphic design, UI/UX design, POC design.

Enhancing insurance with thoughtful product design

We explored AI's potential in underwriting to help Insure+ overcome hurdles like old systems and changing consumer expectations. Coupled with user-friendly product design, we created an end-to-end AI underwriting platform in an intuitively designed app, positioning Insure+ to effectively address modern challenges.

What exactly Merge did

Walking through the design process

By immersing ourselves in the client's vision and integrating market insights, we ensured that each design phase was iterative and built upon the last, leading to a final product that's both intuitive and impactful. Here’s our design journey:


Here, we immersed ourselves in Insure+'s vision, discerning their unique challenges and aspirations. This formed our project's foundation.


Preliminary visual drafts were developed, offering an initial glimpse into the app's potential layout and design aesthetics.

Pitch deck

Aiming to attract potential investors, we crafted a pitch deck that communicated not just the app's utility but the broader vision of modernizing insurance with AI.

Interactive prototype

This was a tangible, navigable version of the app, allowing stakeholders a hands-on experience and an opportunity to give pre-finalization feedback.

In conclusion

Final words

Working with Insure+ was both enlightening and rewarding. We tackled challenges in the insurance world, using AI and design to simplify user interactions. As a result, Insure+ not only accelerated its time-to-market but also positioned itself strongly with our refined pitch deck. The end product is an app that makes managing health insurance easier and is tailored for investor engagement. We're eager to see Insure+'s next steps and are proud of our shared accomplishments.

Meet the Merge team


Elizabet Hyliuk — Head of Design Nataliia Ivanenko — UI/UX Designer

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