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Best Practices for UI Design: Simple Rules For Great Results

UI design also determines the user’s experience with your app or site, which is why you should familiarize yourself with the best practices of the latest UI design.

13 January, 2023
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In web design, designers mainly focus on two major aspects of the product: user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design. These aspects significantly influence the overall appearance and effectiveness of the final product. Therefore, you should only work with a reputable UI/UX design services company, that offers designers who understand the latest design practices.

When hiring UI designers for your site or app, make sure they can focus on anticipating the needs and expectations of the user and incorporating elements that make the interface easy to access, understand, and operate. They should be familiar with the entire UI design process and follow the best practices for UI design.

UI Design’s Best Practices

Your UI design should be based on your designer’s understanding of your target users. They must begin by appreciating the expectations, needs, skills, objectives, preferences, and behaviors of your target users. That way, they can figure out the best ways to craft an interface design that meets all the practical needs of your users. Apart from understanding your target users, your UI designer should also consider the following practices when designing your interface.

Keeping the Interface Simple

The most effective user interface design should make the whole interface almost undetectable to the end user. The modern user doesn’t have the patience and time to figure out how to navigate a complicated website or mobile app. They just move on to the next best option.

So, ensure that your UI design doesn’t have unnecessary elements that might confuse the user. The texts used in the site or app should be simple, clear, and understandable.

Consistency and Acceptance of UI Elements

The UI design elements you incorporate into your site or app should be widely acceptable and consistent with the latest industry standards. That way, your intended users will be comfortable using them–this will enable users to complete essential tasks quickly.

Your UI designers should also create patterns in the text, design, and layout of the interface to facilitate efficiency and uniformity throughout the site or app. Once the user figures out how to navigate a certain area of your site or app, they should be able to transfer that knowledge to other parts of the product.

Purposeful Page Layout

The layout of every page should be structured in a way that brings harmony between the items on it and the overall structure of the page. This arrangement should be based on the significance of each page and the items on it. A purposeful page layout brings more attention to important items and pieces of data, making it easy for users to scan and read through the pages.

Strategic Use of Colors and Texture

Colors, texture, and contrast can be used to draw attention to important items or deflect attention from certain items on your web pages. But this can only be achieved if you hire the right UI designers for your products.

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What Is UI Design?

User interface (UI) is the point at which a web or app user interacts with a computer or machine. This space enables the user to command and control the machine through specific actions and features like screens, cursors, keyboards, etc. Because the UI is the first thing users will notice when they open your site or app, it should be carefully and professionally designed to ensure it has all the right aesthetics.

Aside from the aesthetics, the UI design you choose for your product is also responsible for the product’s overall performance, usability, and effectiveness. It also determines the user’s experience with your app or site, which is why you and your designers need to familiarize yourselves with the latest UI design best practices as well as the basic pillars of UX design.

A UI’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the navigation route of your product is efficient, aesthetically appealing, and easy to use. So, the UI design process involves designing the appearance, usability, interactivity, and general feel of the site or app. It combines key concepts from visual design, interaction design, and information architecture to deliver the best user experience.

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My mission is to help startups build software, experiment with new features, and bring their product vision to life.

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