Streamlining shipping transparency
and cost-reduction for LOX

Streamlining shipping transparency and cost-reduction for LOX

Streamlining shipping transparency
and cost-reduction for LOX

About the project

LOX: Simplifying logistics, redefining shipping efficiency

LOX wanted to make their solution better by improving how people use it, making the design look nicer, and making their brand stronger. Our task was to craft an intuitive UI/UX design and develop a high-performing web interface. We focused on simplifying the platform's usability and enhancing its visual appeal. Our refinements improved user interaction and elevated the overall experience.

We conducted extensive research and employed AI algorithms for invoice analysis, enabling swift audits and refunds for delivery issues. Our design team created a captivating landing page with a pricing calculator, driving user engagement and conversions.

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Product UX discovery, UI/UX design, Web design, Marketing design, Website development, Operation automation.

Tech stack

React Native, Webflow.

LOX home page design

LOX home page design

AI-enhanced user journey

Incorporating AI algorithms into LOX's interface was a pivotal design choice aimed at redefining the user journey. The design prioritized simplicity and clarity, allowing users to interact effortlessly with the platform while their invoices undergo meticulous AI analysis.

This fusion of cutting-edge technology with a user-centric design approach resulted in a harmonious, efficient, and pleasing experience, emphasizing transparency and ease of use throughout the refund process.

Conversion-optimized landing page

Vibrant color schemes and an inviting layout served as visual hooks, instantly drawing users' attention and fostering a captivating experience. Central to the page's success was the thoughtfully placed pricing calculator, seamlessly integrated with a compelling call-to-action.

This intentional design element not only engaged users but also empowered them to interact actively, making informed decisions and seamlessly transitioning from exploration to conversion.

Lox carrier breakdown design

Lox carrier breakdown design

Lox refund dashboard design

Lox refund dashboard design

Walking through the process

Embarking on the journey of crafting LOX's digital presence, we navigated through an intricate process honed to deliver a seamless user experience.

Research & strategy

We conducted comprehensive research to understand user needs and industry trends, aligning design goals with LOX's objectives.

UX & visual design

We crafted an intuitive interface prioritizing simplicity and high performance, implementing the latest design trends for a seamless user experience.

Website development

We developed a web interface guiding users effortlessly through the platform, integrating cutting-edge design elements for enhanced user interaction and functionality.

Marketing collateral

We created marketing materials maintaining a consistent visual identity, ensuring brand cohesion across all LOX's promotional materials.

Operational automation

We implemented operational automation measures to streamline backend processes, ensuring efficient and seamless operations within the platform.

Lox calendar design

Lox calendar design

Lox country breakdown dashboard design

Lox country breakdown dashboard design

The project’s value in numbers

90% decrease in churn rate

LOX achieved a significant 90% reduction in churn rate, showcasing a remarkable enhancement in customer retention and loyalty towards.

Exceptional client satisfaction

High client satisfaction evident in the positive reception of final results, indicating a strong approval and contentment among LOX clients.

What our clients say

“We have developed all the projects that Merge has delivered and our current clients are extremely pleased with the final result. We drastically lowered our churn rate by 90%.”

What our clients say

Dylan Hirsch, CEO at LOX

In conclusion

Final words

Our collaboration with LOX centered on revamping how things looked and worked, and the amazing outcome speaks volumes. We've witnessed an impressive 90% decrease in customers leaving, showing how much our improvements resonated with them.

This success is a testament to our joint efforts in enhancing user experience — making things simpler and more appealing. It's heartening to see that these changes have not only made customers happier but also convinced them to stay longer and enjoy what LOX offers.

Meet the team


Elizabet Hyliuk — Head of Design Anastasiia Gunko — Project Lead Designer Elina Shakhbanova — UI/UX Designer Marina Artemenko — Web Designer Khrystyna Mytsak, Oleksandr Bublyk — Motion & Illustrators


Oleh Chynchyk — Webflow Developer

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