Rapid MVP delivery for NFT investment management solution

Rapid MVP delivery for NFT investment management solution

Rapid MVP delivery for NFT investment management solution

About the project

NFTBull: equipping NFT traders

NFTBull is an institutional-grade NFT terminal that provides deep on-chain and social media insights paired with necessary tools to execute trades and track portfolios.

Presented with an initial concept and data in charts and spreadsheets, the NFTBull team aimed for a holistic solution. This encompassed a dynamic web application, adaptable mobile interfaces, a captivating website, a persuasive pitch deck, robust social media materials, and distinctive branding.

Our focus laid in designing the MVP and crafting the Webflow website, resulting in its successful delivery within a 2-month window.

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UX discovery, Branding, UI/UX design, Web design, MVP design, Marketing design, Motion design, Website development.

Tech stack


NFT portfolio

NFT portfolio

Analytics dashboard

Analytics dashboard

Intuitive NFT portfolio management design

Our design strategy for NFT Portfolio Management prioritized user-centricity. One of the features was a Portfolio Simulation, which empowered users to navigate and refine their strategies seamlessly.

Real-time Alerts and a comprehensive Watchlist were designed for a visually cohesive and intuitive user experience, navigating the complexities of NFT portfolios.

Dark mode integration for enhanced user experience

In our pursuit of an exceptional user experience, the implementation of dark mode emerged as a pivotal feature. Catering to diverse user preferences, dark mode provided a sleek and comfortable interface for extended browsing sessions. Its implementation ensured visual coherence and optimal readability across the NFT Portfolio Management platform.

NFTBull light and dark modes

NFTBull light and dark modes

Work process

Product UX discovery

We initiated the design process with comprehensive research to understand user needs and expectations.


Then we moved to crafting a vibrant neon-centric aesthetic as per the client's vision, diversifying color variations, including a versatile logo available in six vivid acid hues.

Mockups for web app

We developed detailed mockups ensuring seamless user experience across platforms.


We meticulously adapted the entire web app for optimal functionality and also tailored a sophisticated Dark Theme to suit diverse user preferences.

Website design

We conceptualized and executed a visually captivating website aligned with the brand's essence.

Webflow development

We implemented the design elements on Webflow, ensuring a blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Pitch deck

We curated a compelling and visually engaging pitch deck communicating the NFTBull’s value proposition effectively.

Social media

We created engaging content and visuals for social media to resonate with the brand and captivate the audience.

NFT logo

NFT logo

NFT portfolio management

NFT portfolio management

In conclusion

In summarizing this journey, the rapid and cost-effective execution of the MVP design stand as pivotal achievements. The integration of Webflow development further fortified project capabilities.

This MVP's indispensable role empowered NFTBull, facilitating hypothesis testing and concept validation within the dynamic NFT landscape. It provided NFTBull with a solid footing to navigate and innovate in this evolving industry.

Meet the team


Elizabet Hyliuk — Head of Design Viktoriia Berezhna — Project Lead Designer Kate Hordiienko, Kseniia Lukashuk, Alena Shalimova — UI/UX Designers Valeriia Voronkova — Graphic Designer Khrystyna Mytsak — Motion Designer


Oleksandr Ratushnii — Head of Development Kyrylo Terentiev — Delivery Manager Oleh Chynchyk, Vlad Lypystii — Webflow Developers

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