Revamping Spiff's mobile app for enhanced UX and happier customers

Spiff, a leader in B2B SaaS financial services, streamlines sales commission management

Redesign to optimize mobile user engagement

Spiff approached us with an outdated design of their mobile application specifically made for enterprise sales. They were faced with the need to enhance functionality, boost customer satisfaction, and enrich user experience in the competitive Fintech arena. Thorough competitor analysis allowed us to pinpoint key areas of differentiation, and by focusing on a minimalist and clear interface, we prioritized essential functions and introduced unique features.

The Spiff mobile app's new design accentuates transparent commission breakdowns, trends, and plans. Now, users can seamlessly view metrics, understand earnings, and get alerts as needed, ensuring that vital data is just a tap away.


— Product UX Discovery

— UI/UX Design

— Mobile development

— Product Redesign

— Graphic Design

— Dedicated product team

Prioritizing simplicity and functionality

During our discovery, we observed a common trend: competitors' products seemed indistinguishable and often overwhelmed users with their complexity. Our strategy was to provide a distinct yet straightforward interface for Spiff, focusing on clarity and user-centric design. This move aimed at ensuring users could swiftly navigate and understand their earnings, payments, and potential losses.


Walking through the design process:

Our design journey was meticulously structured, ensuring a blend of research, creativity, and functionality. Here’s how we did it:

  • Discovery. A thorough analysis of Spiff's needs and the industry landscape, laying the groundwork for design.
  • Product design. We transitioned our insights into an interactive design, focusing on user-centric features and functionalities.
  • Scoped the MVP. We then determined the essential features and functionalities for the initial product launch.
  • Testing. Implemented rigorous testing phases to ensure smooth user experience and application functionality.
  • Debugging. Addressed and rectified any identified issues or glitches from the testing phase.
  • Refactoring. Optimized the app's code and design for efficiency, ensuring streamlined performance and user engagement.

In conclusion:

The Spiff mobile application redesign was more than just a visual overhaul; it was about carving an identity in a saturated market. Our partnership with Spiff exemplified a seamless blend of functionality and innovation, aiming to put user experience at the forefront. It turned out just how we wanted it to be - with an intuitive app that not only caters to basic functions but also offers a visually rich user interface where users can effortlessly monitor their earnings and navigate financial data.

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