Turning TelQ's outdated product design into an outstanding one

Turning TelQ's outdated product design into an outstanding one

Turning TelQ's outdated product design into an outstanding one

About the project

Refining platform based on valuable users' insights

TelQ, an essential tool for businesses utilizing SMS, needed a modern update. While it worked well, a product redesign was imperative to improve its user-friendliness and visual appeal. This is what they came to Merge with.

This revamp was super important to keep TelQ top-notch and a go-to option for businesses that need to test and send SMS easily. This project was driven by the objective to not only enhance the aesthetics but also to optimize usability for a seamless user experience.


Product UX discovery, Product redesign, UI/UX design.





Enhancing user experience for simplifying test creation and data tables

We used valuable user feedback as our guiding compass, which pinpointed two crucial areas for improvement. The first was simplifying the text creation process; users wanted a streamlined and easy way to create texts, making it a top priority. The second area was untangling the complexity of the data table, particularly the challenges posed by multiple filters. Simplification was necessary to enhance user interaction and improve overall ease of use.

What exactly Merge did

Walking through the design process

Understanding the specific requirements of TelQ, we crafted a streamlined plan to address their challenges and deliver a platform’s redesign. Here’s a detailed overview of our approach:

UX discovery

Conducted a comprehensive UX audit and competitor analysis to understand existing challenges and IT infrastructure industry standards.

Visual concept

Created a new visual concept to modernize the platform, aligning it with contemporary design standards and enhancing appeal.

Product design

Optimized the menu for creating tests, simplifying actions and settings to improve user understanding and experience. Created a distinctive UI/UX design for an Admin part of the platform.

“Their approach to work processes and design matches the standards set by top-notch agencies. Merge's expertise is apparent throughout the design project as they effortlessly tackle complicated obstacles, and deliver really great results.”

Oleg Makarov, CEO at TelQ

In conclusion

Final words

The redesign of TelQ's platform was a journey toward enhancing usability and aesthetics while maintaining functionality. The optimized menu and distinctive visual design for tests have made a significant difference, aligning the platform with modern design standards and meeting client expectations.

Meet the Merge team


Elizabet Hyliuk — Head of Design Anastasiia Gunko — Project Lead Designer Yuliia Debretseni, Nataliia Ivanenko — UI/UX Designers

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