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Our Figma Mobile App templates work perfectly as a web app kit and a mobile UI kit, helping you create beautiful applications on various platforms without breaking a sweat. Choose Figma Mobile UI kit free download to drastically improve and speed up your design workflow.

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What is a Figma Wireframe UI Kit?

Have you been searching for web or mobile design tools? Look no further. Just click “Get the UI Kit” and add it to your essential template wireframe kits collection. But first, let’s learn more about what is Figma UI kit and its benefits.

An app UI kit is a series of ready-made templates for UI elements, sections, and other prototyping and wireframing components, typically low fidelity, that designers use to outline their creations. It is essentially a way to jumpstart your design projects by skipping all the routines of creating these elements by yourself.


“Did you know that kits can help you also master your design skills if you use them to learn how the components were made
in the first place? They are handy tools to add consistency and practice your designs..”

Elisabeth HyliukHead of Design

What’s in our UI Kit?

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    Useful UI components, from dropdowns to various password
    confirmation types.
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    Mobile navigation with headers and footers.
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    Fonts, icons, buttons, and inputs of various sizes and states.
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    Other handy elements, such as charts, calendars, controllers, etc.

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What are the benefits
of using a UI Kit?

Whether you want to practice or are ready to begin your new design project, the main benefit of using a Figma UI kit is that it speeds up the process, giving you more time to focus on elements that showcase your creativity.

Since kits are generally fully customizable and grouped together based on relevancy, they are effortlessly easy to use and navigate. Our Figma wireframe kit will also help you level up your designs with various new elements.

How do you use the
UI Kit in Figma?

Upload a .fig file directly into your Figma using a drag-and-drop feature or click the New > Import button and select the file from your computer.
Then drag it from your drafts to your project.
Icons, for example, you can insert directly into your Figma file via an icon pack plug-in.

You can also use separate components.

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