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Optimizing your startup team during a downturn: come out on top by taking action today

Running a startup is hard, even during the good times. And during a downturn, it’s a hundred times harder.
If you’re looking for advice on how to keep your startup as sturdy as a rock, this webinar is for you.


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Who is the speaker?


Pavel Tseluyko

CEO and Founder of Merge Development

The webinar will be led by our CEO Pavel Tseluyko.
The experience working with startups of different funding stages, from the Seed and up to the Series C, gave Pavel extensive knowledge of various types of design teams and how to scale them.

This webinar is best for

Product Owners

Chief Product Officers, Product Leads, Product Directors, Heads of Product

Design Specialists

Heads of Design, Lead Designers, Design Directors

Startup Founders

CEOs, Co-Founders responsible for Design and Scaling

What will you learn?

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    The real key focus during a downturn
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    Why being a people-first will save your ass
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    Your list of priorities to optimize and actions to increase team efficiency
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    Why cutting costs will not really save you money
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    Burnout is real. How to keep your team happy
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    How design thinking is working for big companies and how you can implement it today
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    What is the ideal team structure for every type of product and startup level
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    Which actions do other startups take with fundraising: the real experience of founders in this year and feelings about 2023

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