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Marketing design and branding services to give your business that needed oomph

Nowadays, your business is more than just your products or services. It’s the experience that matters the most. But how do you convey your message to the audience and prove that your business is worth dealing with?
Three words - marketing design and branding.

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Build your impeccable reputation from scratch or do a rebrand with our design services



Upgrade your visual identity

As tempting as it may be, your visual identity and marketing design are not something you should follow the crowd for. Distinct and recognizable brand identity will serve you for years to come and help your clients easily separate you from your competitors.

Do you want to create a compelling brand that feels natural, trustworthy, and doesn’t give off a feeling of superficial bravado? Luckily, we've got you covered. Our Merge team offers professional marketing graphic design and branding services that will get the job done.

A suitable and timeless marketing design is like your own brand ambassador. It's out there, doing its job even after your working hours are over. ”

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Show who you are without any words

Logo design that
represents your vision

Your brand’s №1 symbol is your logo.

It may feel like such a trivial part of your branding, but in reality, your logo is usually the first thing people associate with your company, aside from the value you offer.

Here at Merge, we can be of service if you want a brand-new logo or if you feel like your old one does not represent you anymore and you need an upgrade. We’ll make a stylish logo that will speak your vision and message to your audience.

Get your brand a design that won’t go out of style

Brand design that resonates with your audience

Given how many lookalikes currently exist in the digital space, we understand that true authentic brand design is precious. That’s why it becomes our top priority in any brand design services we provide, including your logo, values, statements, and tone of voice.

Besides logo creation and design, our branding services at Merge include brand development from start to finish, a design or redesign of your brand identity, existing visual elements and branding copy, and detailed documentation of all style guidelines.

Marketing design and brand positioning

By choosing Merge for your digital marketing design and strategy, you’ll get ongoing support from a team of skilled professionals whose brilliant ideas never end simply because we know how to create the right solution for each client.

One of the most effective ways to reach your audience is one of our main focuses during your market and brand positioning. We can create attractive and engaging designs for your social media posts.
E-mail design should also be in tune with the rest of your marketing campaign. Our team will design your e-mail copy in a way that highlights your brand and its message.
Our asset design includes focusing on advertising platforms of your choice as part of your marketing strategy designs - everything that makes your brand a full-blown member of the entire online ecosystem.

Merge Development will help you establish your brand’s
recognition to quickly build a trusting relationship with your audience

Use only the best to promote your business

Marketing collateral design

Marketing collateral includes any media and materials used to promote your brand, products, and services. Any piece of digital or real-life printed marketing material, from simple posters and brochures to larger-scale digital content such as e-books, blog posts, or scheduled reports - we can design it all.

When your company rebrands or grows in size, so does its marketing level. We can help you with the design of everything you need when it comes to launching your new project - banners, illustrations, catalogs, proposals, you name it!

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