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9 best-designed SaaS products we’ve seen so far

In this article, we take a closer look at the SaaS products that have set quite a high bar for UX and aesthetic appeal, making them excellent candidates for the inspiration.

20 February, 2023
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A beautifully crafted SaaS product design has the ability to attract even those customers that are slightly hesitant about choosing that specific digital commodity in the first place. The main reason is that we humans are drawn to everything pleasing to the eye.

Particularly with SaaS products, they have become an integral part of our daily lives and the way we do business. But with so many options available, it can take time to determine which ones stand out for their design.

When building a SaaS business model, design is one of the most essential parts of planning and creating your product. In this article, we take a closer look at the SaaS products that have set quite a high bar for user experience and aesthetic appeal, making them excellent candidates for the learning process and inspiration.

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SaaS products we love

When we were sharing our insights on how to do SaaS competitor analysis in one of our previous articles, taking the time to study your competitors’ product features and design decisions was one of the crucial steps.

As you may know, at the heart of every great SaaS product is a deep understanding of user needs and a commitment to providing a seamless experience. These next products not only meet the demands of their users but also go above and beyond to deliver something special.


First up is Slack, and it's no wonder why it has become one of the best-designed SaaS products on the market. With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, this messaging tool makes it easy for teams to stay organized and connected, no matter where they are.

Slack's UX/UI design is key to its success as a SaaS product. The interface is clean and visually appealing, making it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need, and features like drag-and-drop file sharing and quick action buttons add to the overall convenience.

Slack UI
Slack UI


Next, we have Figma, a cloud-based design tool that has quickly become one of the best-designed SaaS products. Its user interface is exceptionally clean and intuitive, making it easy for designers of all skill levels to create beautiful designs and prototypes.

Figma's Figma's use of a minimalist interface, combined with its powerful features, makes it a joy to use, and its focus on collaboration sets it apart from other design tools, allowing teams to work together in real-time on a single project.

Figma UI
Figma UI

Adobe Creative Cloud

The following example is a suite of design and multimedia creation tools that has become a staple in the world of design. Adobe Creative Cloud makes it easy for designers to access all the tools they need to bring their ideas to life - from graphic design and web development to video editing and 3D modeling.

The company has done an excellent job of integrating its tools into a seamless and well-designed experience, making it easy for designers to switch between tools and access the features they need and making it easy for us to include this solution in the top best-designed SaaS products.

Adobe Creative Cloud UI
Adobe Creative Cloud UI


Buffer, a social media management tool, has a clean and straightforward interface, making it a joy to use for social media scheduling. The well-designed UI includes intuitive scheduling tools, detailed analytics, and a content library.

Buffer's interface is designed to be user-friendly, efficient, and flexible, contributing to its popularity. It is minimalistic, highly customizable, consistent across various devices, and uses visual hierarchy to guide users' attention.

Buffer UI
Buffer UI


Next up is Hubspot, a CRM platform with a well-designed and user-friendly interface. People use it to manage their marketing, sales, and service needs. Their interface includes features such as real-time updates, customizable dashboards, and integrations with other apps.


The platform's clean layout and consistent design language make it easy for users to find what they need quickly and complete tasks efficiently. Hubspot's interface is also highly customizable, enabling users to personalize their workspace to fit their unique needs and workflow.

Hubspot UI
Hubspot UI


This next SaaS tool on our list also has a modern and user-friendly interface that helps users to manage their customer relationships. Salesforce's UI includes helpful features like customizable dashboards, automated workflows, and detailed analytics.

Its focus on user-centered design, intuitive navigation, and flexibility are what placed this platform on our list. The layout is easy to navigate, and add to that the consistency and visual clarity, and Salesforce becomes one of the best tools out there if you want to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

Salesforce UI
Salesforce UI


An email marketing platform named Mailchimp is next on our list of best-designed SaaS products for a couple of reasons. First is its well-crafted and easy-to-use interface - the platform's navigation is very intuitive, and its features are accessible and well-organized.

The second reason is how the platform's consistency in the visual language and design elements, along with its high degree of customization, also adds to a seamless user experience.

Mailchimp UI
Mailchimp UI


Zapier is an automation platform and cloud integration software with a very efficient and minimalistic design that puts the tool on numerous lists of best-designed SaaS products. The well-designed interface simplifies the process of connecting different apps and automating repetitive tasks.

The platform's design enables users to create complex automation workflows without requiring advanced technical skills. Additionally, Zapier's consistency and helpful onboarding experience contribute to its ease of use and overall user satisfaction.

Zapier UI
Zapier UI

Wise (formerly TransferWise)

Last but not least, this global money transfer platform has one of the best designs among digital payment SaaS products thanks to its highly usable and aesthetically pleasing UI. The platform's design is focused on making cross-border payments simple, accessible, and transparent for users, with features such as real-time exchange rate updates and low fees.

Wise's consistency in visual design and user experience across different platforms and devices also contributes to its overall effectiveness and positive user feedback. The platform also effectively utilizes interactive UI elements and step-by-step tips and examples on how to make the most out of their product.

Wise UI
Wise UI

What makes a great SaaS product

When it comes to SaaS products, user experience is vital. A great SaaS product should not only have functional features and meet the needs of its target audience but also maintain a user-centric user interface.

From clear user flow to responsive and portable design, aesthetics, and intuitive website design, several characteristics set apart a top-notch SaaS product. Let’s explore these key elements in detail and understand what makes a great SaaS product.

Clear user flow

First up - clear user flow - refers to the navigation and overall experience users have when using a SaaS product. It’s about making sure they can complete tasks and find information easily without getting lost or confused.

A clear user flow is crucial in creating a great SaaS product because it enhances the overall user experience, as well as increases engagement and satisfaction, and reduces friction points. To achieve it, designers should consider the user’s goals and objectives when using the product.

For that, consider your product’s overall structure, hierarchy, and organization, ensuring that all the information is easy to find and tasks are simple to complete. The result should be a seamless, intuitive, and enjoyable experience for your customers.

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Intuitive SaaS website design

Next is intuitive SaaS website design, which is a design that is so natural and easy to understand that there’s no need for instructions or additional guidance. It’s about creating a self-explanatory user experience, reducing the learning curve, and allowing users to get started quickly and efficiently.

An intuitive design is crucial in creating a great SaaS product because it not only enhances the overall user experience but also reduces frustration. Take into account the users’ backgrounds, needs, and goals when creating your SaaS website design.

To do that, use familiar and consistent design patterns, clear labeling, and visual cues that guide the user through the product. This will make your customers more likely to stick with your product long-term.

Responsiveness and portability

The next two essential features of a great SaaS product that can significantly impact its overall quality and user experience are responsiveness and portability. In today's highly competitive business environment, providing users with a seamless and efficient software solution is imperative, and these two features are critical to achieving that.

Responsiveness is a software application’s ability to adjust its layout and display dynamically based on the size and orientation of the user's device. Responsive SaaS solutions provide a consistent experience across different devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, so opt for a responsive design that helps minimize the need for excessive scrolling and zooming.

Portability, on the other hand, is the ease with which the product can be accessed and used on different devices, platforms, and operating systems. A portable SaaS product gives users the flexibility to access it from any device, anywhere, and at any time. It also means that users can continue their work from where they left off without worrying about compatibility issues.


User interface aesthetics plays a significant role in shaping the overall user experience. While a visually appealing UI can enhance the user's overall perception of the product, a poorly designed one can detract from the user experience, making it difficult to navigate, causing frustration, and leading to decreased adoption and customer satisfaction.

In general, UI aesthetics refers to the visual design elements and principles used to create an attractive and functional interface. This includes the appropriate visual design elements and principles, such as color, typography, layout, and visual hierarchy.


Benefits of a well-designed SaaS product

A well-designed SaaS product can provide a whole range of benefits to both your users and the business itself. These benefits often result from the effective integration of various design elements, such as user experience, user interface, and functional design, which all work together to create a high-quality software solution.

One of the key benefits of a well-designed SaaS product is improved user engagement and satisfaction. When your product is intuitive and easy to navigate, it can lead to increased adoption and customer loyalty, as users are more likely to continue using it if they find it fulfilling and enjoyable.

Another benefit is increased efficiency and productivity. A well-designed product can streamline processes and improve productivity and efficiency since your users can complete tasks more quickly and with less effort.

A well-designed SaaS product can also help to enhance your credibility and reputation. A visually appealing and user-friendly product is more attractive to potential customers and helps differentiate you from competitors, leading to increased adoption and market share.

Lastly, a well-designed product can minimize the need for ongoing support and maintenance, reducing the associated costs and freeing up resources to be invested in other areas of the business. This way, you can increase the overall profitability of your product and contribute to your business’s long-term success.

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It's no secret that the success of a SaaS product relies on much more than just its functionality. With the increased demand for remote work and digital transformation, a well-designed SaaS product can make all the difference in boosting productivity and streamlining workflows. It can also be the deciding factor for your customers when it comes to choosing a solution that meets their needs.

Ultimately, from sleek user interfaces to intuitive navigation, the products we decided to include on our list today stand out for their exceptional design and user experience. So, whether you were looking for inspiration for your own SaaS product or just want to stay informed about the latest trends, we hope you got what you came for.

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