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Customer success strategies for SaaS

Many SaaS (Software as a Service) companies focus on expansion and customer acquisition. But customer retention is just as essential to reap the advantages of SaaS.

8 May, 2022
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Many SaaS (Software as a Service) companies focus on expansion and customer acquisition. But customer retention is just as essential to reap the advantages of SaaS.

These businesses need to prioritize customer success early. This concept reduces churn and increases recurring revenue obtained via SaaS billing best practices.

These strategies include customer journey mapping, building a great onboarding process through SaaS app design, and expanding education about product use.

What is customer success?

Customer success refers to methodologies that help individuals achieve their desired outcome by using your specific product or service. It aims to give consumers value by solving their pain points, not just providing a temporary fix.

In the past, customer success strategies often heavily centered on reducing churn (i.e., the number of customers that stop using the product or service). But in recent years, the perspective has shifted, with more businesses putting value at the forefront, directing their efforts to solve customers’ long-term needs while providing timely value propositions.

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Effective customer success strategies

Here are some effective customer success strategies to help you reduce churn and boost retention:

Define your customer success

You can’t work towards making your customers successful if you don’t know what this means to your patrons. Connect with your consumers by collecting feedback, conducting surveys, interviewing leads, hosting customer meetups, etc. You’ll find common themes you can work with to build an effective product.

Build a solid team

A solid team is essential for strategizing and executing customer success strategies. You’ll need to find the right people to fill critical roles that won’t leave any gaps in your plans, even when you’re outsourcing people to help you.

Merge, a user interface and design (UI/UX) development agency, has a great team that cares about your customer success and can apply your strategies in product development for the best results.

Map your customer journey

You must understand the different parts of your customer journey to identify and solve consumer pain points. People will have specific motivations, purposes, and goals at each stage. Understanding that will help you communicate with them more clearly and provide them with the opportunities to achieve success.

SaaS customer success strategy
SaaS customer success strategy

Mapping your customer journey also helps your business understand vital points of your user acquisition and retention processes, assisting teams in moving towards a common goal.

Focus on onboarding

An effective onboarding process is crucial for customer success. It sets the tone for your customer's journey and ensures they understand your product's value. Use your customer journey map to identify pain points during onboarding and address them with clear and concise messaging. Your onboarding process should provide customers with a seamless experience that makes it easy for them to get started with your product. Use tutorials, videos, and other resources to help customers get up to speed quickly.

Act on feedback

Customer success revolves around addressing customer pain points, so you must collect and listen to consumer feedback. If your customers feel like you hear them, they’ll continue patronizing your business. Use their insights to improve your products and make your relationship stronger.

Utilize technology to gather insights

Technology can provide valuable insights to help you understand customer behavior, pain points, and successes. Use analytics tools, heatmaps, surveys, and customer relationship management (CRM) software to gather data and analyze customer behavior. By monitoring and analyzing customer behavior, you can identify opportunities to improve your product, target specific customer segments, and create personalized customer experiences.

Expand education

To equip customers with what they need to achieve their goals, provide them with tools they can use to learn more about your product or service. You can also expand value by providing them with supplementary content that describes the value that you can add to their lives.

Offer more opportunities for success

Enrich existing customers’ experience with your product or service by offering them more opportunities to realize their goals. Upsell and cross-sell features to show them what else they can get out of your SaaS, keeping them from seeking the same benefits elsewhere.


Focus on customer success today

Think about customer success from the get-go and use these ideas to fuel the growth of your SaaS business. If you’re just starting, get help from people that know customer success inside and out, such as the professionals from Merge, who can help you apply effective customer strategies to your product design through UI and UX development.

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My mission is to help startups build software, experiment with new features, and bring their product vision to life.

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