How to design enterprise SaaS

Enterprise design is simply the process of designing an enterprise-grade website. In most cases, they form the center of an enterprise’s digital marketing, making them crucial for achieving business goals. Enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) is online application software that, in this case, is used to design websites to satisfy the needs of an organization. Because of the importance of a website in the distribution strategy of an organization, a lot of effort needs to be put into designing an enterprise SaaS, including looking into SaaS UX designs.

While the key components remain the same, enterprise designs are typically larger and more complex than those of small businesses and individual users.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you plan to design enterprise SaaS.

Focus on conversation

A key goal of enterprise designs is to attract, educate, and convert casual visitors into loyal customers. Enterprise websites are designed to be interactive and receive as much information as they transmit. An effective user interface, design, and other small details can make a big difference in customer satisfaction and drive conversion. For more information about the benefits of SaaS, be sure to check out how SaaS is changing web design.

Design with scalability in mind

Unlike consumer designs that could be used for simple purposes, organizations have aspirations of success. This means that their designs should be able to scale up in volume during times of growth.

Enterprise websites need a customer relationship management system for effective data organization and management, especially during scaling. A solid content management system is also important for systematically managing the images, information, and other assets that would be uploaded to the website.

Utilize responsive designs

Enterprise websites should be designed to be responsive, legible, and easily used across multiple platforms, browsers, and devices. Great enterprise designs are as visually pleasing and functional on a smartphone as they are on a desktop computer. Designs should not come at the expense of page load speed as 83% of users expect pages to load in three seconds or less.

What a responsive design is
What a responsive design is

Make sure security is compliant

Enterprise designs must be created with the latest and most effective security measures. This is not just for the sake of your organization's information but also for the trust and confidence of their customers. With SaaS, designers can ensure that enterprise systems and information are protected from unauthorized access, consistently available, and operate in a timely and accurate manner. There are great SaaS architecture patterns that you can use to get the highest levels of enterprise-grade security possible.

Maintain user experience (UX) consistency

One of the key components of enterprise design is UX consistency. Unlike consumer websites, enterprises benefit from designs that are consistent and unified. Even when it is necessary to work in teams, ensuring that the user experience is consistent across the board is important. SaaS tools support collaborations, even on large-scale projects. Teams can work and track changes made by other teams in real time.


In most cases, web designers collaborate with other developers and teams to ensure the website meets the enterprise's needs. In addition, designers need to have a good understanding of the organization's context, workflow, environment, goals, and challenges to be able to design a perfect solution.

While the aforementioned practices are essential for building a great enterprise site and retaining visitors, you also need to take the time to develop web content. Content is important for drawing new visitors as well as keeping existing ones. The content should match the quality of enterprise design for maximum results.

In a nutshell

Enterprise design forms the crux of an organization's marketing, centering around satisfying the needs of an organization rather than those of individual users. An enterprise’s website serves as the connection between its customers and business. The better designed the website is, the more effective it will be in connecting with the customers.

Serhii Hyliuk

Head of Growth

Head of Growth and Customer Success. I'm interested in design, new tech, fashion, exploring new places and languages. My mission is to make our clients happy.

Head of Growth and Customer Success. I'm interested in design, new tech, fashion, exploring new places and languages. My mission is to make our clients happy.


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