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Product vs UX Design: what is the difference?

The two fields are often confused with each other because they both involve user-centered design processes. UX design and Product design are both about making products that satisfy the needs of the customer.

2 December, 2021
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The two fields are often confused with each other because they both involve user-centered design processes. UX design and product design are both about making products that satisfy the needs of the customer. The difference is, UX design focuses on human-centered research and product design focuses more on solving a business problem. UX design is designing a user's interaction with a product, while product design is the process of designing the actual product.

Both UX and product designers play essential roles in developing successful products for consumers, but their specific focus areas differ slightly. They are not mutually exclusive and can overlap in some cases, which is why it's important to know what each one entails. This blog post is all about the differences between product design and UX design, so you can figure out which one best suits your needs.

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The term "product design" typically refers to the process of designing new products. Product designers are responsible for conceptualizing and prototyping their designs before they can be brought to market. A product designer may also develop marketing strategies and work with teams on related tasks such as engineering and manufacturing.

Product design is a type of design that focuses on the creation of a product. Product designers are responsible for everything from sketching ideas to prototyping and testing their designs. This is done by analyzing the customer's needs, assessing the competition, and coming up with a concept for a new product. Product design refers to designing products or systems that are uniquely useful, usable, desirable, feasible, sustainable, and valuable.

Product designers focus on the user experience of a product while also considering functionality and project's objectives. For example, when designing a mobile app, they might consider what type of gestures will best navigate through screens and how to display information in an easy-to-read format. A product designer may also need to consider some technical aspects such as scalability or compatibility with different technologies.

It's about understanding the user's needs and meeting those needs with an aesthetically pleasing solution. The designer must be able to understand both the user and business objectives to produce something that will sell well in the marketplace. It involves many aspects such as:

  • Researching the needs of your target audience
  • Creating an idea for how your product will look, feel and work
  • Testing this idea with potential users to make sure it meets their needs
  • Developing prototypes to show what the final product should be like
  • Getting feedback from stakeholders on whether your prototype is worth pursuing
  • Deciding if you need to go back to the drawing board or if you can move onto production

What do product designers do?

  • Work on conceptualizing, designing and developing products
  • Concern themselves with the development of new products or improvements on existing products
  • Are responsible for managing the entire lifecycle of a product
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UX design services

UX design refers to the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product. It's about creating a great experience for your customers through every touchpoint.

UX design is a term that has been coined as a result of the rising popularity of the user-centered design. What does this mean? UX design, focuses on improving an interface for users to have a better experience. This means designing the interface in such a way that it's intuitive and easy to use. The goal is to create a product that meets the needs and expectations of its users.

UX Design is similar to product design but focuses more on how a person interacts with a product or system. This means that it can include anything from designing software screens to testing prototypes for usability problems with real users. UX design takes into account all aspects of a person's interaction with a company's products or services: not just how it looks but how people feel when they use it, too.

User experience design focuses on improving user satisfaction with an interface or system through better usability, accessibility, and pleasure. User experience designers are responsible for identifying aspects of their users' interaction with their system that can be improved upon to make it more enjoyable for them.

A UX designer is the person who makes sure that the customer has an enjoyable experience with your product. They do this by creating wireframes and prototypes of the user's journey through your product. This way, they can ensure that there are no steps left out or that any possible problems in their design have been accounted for. A UX designer will usually work alongside a UI designer, who creates the visual elements of the interface.


What do UX designers do?

  • Focus on user experience and usability including how the end user interacts with the product
  • Work on digital interfaces that people interact with through websites, apps, etc.
  • Focus on making sure that an interface is user-friendly and easy to use
UX design services
Photo by Faizur Rehman / Unsplash

Product design and UX design are two different things, but they go hand in hand with one another. Product design is the process of designing a product from start to finish, while UX design is the process of designing a user's experience on that product. The goal of both types of design is to create a great user experience by making a product easy to use and understand.

Designers who specialize in one or the other usually have an eye for both types of design. Product designers need to be able to think about how their work will affect business objectives of the project. UX designers need to understand human behavior so they can create an interface that is easy for people to use. The role of a product designer is to design the appearance, shape, color and materials of a finished product. The role of an UX designer is to make sure that what people see on their screen or in their hands matches what they were expecting.

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