Shipping cost-reduction SaaS case study

Our task as a design agency was to create an easy-to-use yet performant UI/UX design, providing the best experience with the platform. We also worked on landing page design and some marketing collaterals.

20 December, 2021
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As online shopping grows, so does the number of shipments. According to Statista, parcel shipping volume will exceed more than 157 billion items this year.

Businesses often sign a couple of contracts when selecting a carrier and don't even check whether they pay the carrier the right amount.

But what if there's a service that analyses all shipments, check on any surcharges, billing errors, and other delivery issues; then processes all that with AI and takes care of all refunds. Lucky for online businesses worldwide, there is one whose name is LOX.

LOX approached us with a simple task: creating the entire product's design, landing page, and marketing collaterals. The first challenge we faced was not many references to draw inspiration from. There are few services like LOX but many carriers. So we approached the UX UI part of the design from the user's perspective. If we were the business that sends out thousands of packages, what would be the most important metric for us? The answer is the amount of money spent on shipments and the amount received from refunds.

The refunds dashboard shows how much was requested, confirmed, and credited to the client's account.

LOX Refund Dashboard
LOX Refund Dashboard

As for the website, we went for a simple SaaS landing page design. Nothing out of the conventional standards, but it still works pretty well.

LOX Landing Page
LOX Landing Page

The pricing plan calculator allows a quick estimation of the service cost and increases the landing page's conversion rate.

LOX Pricing Calculator
LOX Pricing Calculator

For more designs (some of them with awesome animations), check the case study on Behance. Check our other case studies on the website.

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My mission is to help startups build software, experiment with new features, and bring their product vision to life.

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