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Technology trends for 2023

When it comes to new technology, 2023 is going to be an exciting year. The last year’s downturn hit when it was least expected, and what we’re left with is our will to seek out new opportunities.

18 January, 2023
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When it comes to new technology, 2023 is going to be an exciting year. The last year’s downturn hit when it was least expected, and what we’re left with is our will to seek out new opportunities. And what is a better way of doing it than analyzing the upcoming trends?

The myriad of articles on “technology trends of the future” have surfaced over the last month, aiming at providing more clarity on what we should focus on next to be at the top of our game.

Before we move to the following tech trends, why don’t you check out our other two recent articles we did on the upcoming trends - the next SaaS trends that will be beneficial for SaaS founders looking for ideas and key UX/UI design trends of 2023.

Having analyzed major tech firms' and consulting companies' predictions on what we should pay attention to this year, here is our take on top technology trends for 2023. So, in 2023, technology will definitely involve the following.

Key technology trends for 2023
Key technology trends for 2023

AI, again, this time - adaptive

Trust in AI has become more evident these past few years. Artificial Intelligence usage has moved way past basic tasks like calculating numbers or automating tedious but relatively risk-free routines. Next year’s trend involves AI being even more adaptive than its predecessors, self-adapting midway through its utilization by adjusting to human feedback and its previous experience.

Another branch of this everlasting AI trend has to do with AI TRiSM - a framework (by Gartner’s definition) that applies and supports Artificial Intelligence Trust, Risk, and Security Management. The model includes techniques, solutions, and processes for the AI’s interpretability, reliability, privacy, and trustworthiness and focuses on digital platform security management.

More blockchain

Blockchain has already begun shifting from the technology utilized only by the financial sector or those dealing with cryptocurrencies to being more widely accepted and implemented in various fields, for example, e-commerce, healthcare, cybersecurity, etc.

Decentralization which is at the very core of blockchain and its cardinally new way of doing business, handling communications, and automation, has opened many opportunities to use it for transaction verification, fraud prevention, sales, and other data tracking, patent hosting, and medical data protection.


The next trend, superapps, revolves around creating a combination of a platform, application, and digital ecosystem, all within one app. Standard applications that just serve a single purpose will soon be a thing of the past.

Superapps focus on user experience, offering multiple tools for the same purpose and personalized approach, and will soon support Internet-of-Things, chatbots, immersive Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse, and other recent or not-so-recent technological phenomena.

Super app is
Super app is


Industrial use of robotics for efficient automation is projected to double till the end of this decade. The official name of the trend can be described as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which, along with AI and ML, is very effective at automating repetitive tasks and business processes - for example, processing frequent transactions, handling huge chunks of data, etc.

The increased usage of robots allows companies to cut labor costs and free the existing employees’ time for more creative tasks that require a human touch.

Digital twins

Digital twins are a part of a much larger trend of 2023, which is the merging of digital and physical worlds. Another part of this trend is 3D printing. Basically, digital twins are real-world objects, processes, systems, and spaces virtually replicated and transferred into a digital environment.

What a digital twin is
What a digital twin is

Now, the physical products and operations can be digitized using point clouds, which, in turn, helps produce more accuracy in the manufacturing process, reduce product costs, and prevent errors. Digital twins will be used to segment and systemize data, create and optimize supply chains, automate equipment and internal processes, carry out better quality control, etc.


One of the more vague and questionable concepts on our 2023 technology trends, Metaverse, is the focus on using digital systems and products to upgrade the physical ones, which is the premise of our previous trend, but here it’s happening on a much larger scale.

Metaverse is considered a digital universe - a shared online world, still in its vision stage, that is supposed to reshape the internet. Its current iteration is already helping businesses with elevating their collaboration process.


Sustainability and green technology are one trend that deserves to be one for the rest of our lives. By becoming a trend, sustainability and sustainable technology entered the big leagues, where many businesses started to focus on and actively promote this way of earning a living.

Sustainability involves consciously lowering your carbon footprint, using biodegradable packaging instead of common plastic ones, conserving water in the production of goods, reevaluating your supply chain, switching to renewable energy, coming up or investing in green projects, recycling, and what’s also important - making sure your employees are also educated on this matter and actively participate in your company’s green efforts.

Quantum computing

Another trend that was just a fantasy a couple decades ago, quantum computing brings two previously very science-y terms to life - quantum entanglement and superposition. Given the fact that quantum computers give normal ones the run for their money in terms of speed, no wonder leading tech companies to invest huge sums into quantum-centered innovations.

Quantum phenomena have an immense influence on various fields - from medicine (preventing the spread of very infectious diseases and developing vaccines) to finance (helping with risk assessment/management and fraud detection and prevention).

Security innovations

Carrying over the AI theme, cybersecurity has gained quite a lot of efficiency in how they run things. With Artificial Intelligence in the mix, spotting existing or potential issues is now effortlessly more accessible thanks to the automated decision-making processes and quick identification of patterns and trends in data.

Another security trend is improving how data is exchanged between smart grids. Again, AI, together with Machine Learning and the upsurge of 5G usage, will provide much faster communication and a chance to connect more devices.

Smart connectivity

And the last trend on our list also has to do with connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2023, we’re yet another step closer to a hyperconnected world. Networks of connected sensors and devices have already brought the other trend we mentioned earlier - digital twins.

However, now the move is toward effective communication and the development of global connectivity standards because, previously, communication was sometimes lacking due to the usage of different operating systems and platforms. With a new outlook on data collection, security, and efficiency, this is about to change.

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Where is technology headed?

The tech trends of 2023, from what we can see, are now predominantly focused on efficiency, automation, and sustainable technology. What’s interesting, many of the other trends on our list can also help make sustainability more efficient.

It’s all about digitizing our efforts and reassessing what we currently use, how we can reuse it, and discovering the potential in waste and other by-products.

Believe it or not, technology is headed toward even more innovation thanks to large companies’ investments in all the tech from the trends mentioned above, more energy efficiency, more transparent supply chains, etc.

As UI/UX designers and developers, we believe that everyone should keep up with current trends. That way, you’ll be more prepared for everything new and exciting that the future will bring. Stay tuned for more insights, and check out our previous pieces on upcoming trends.

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