SaaS landing page design. Best practices of 2023

We picked 8 SaaS landing pages that you most likely didn't hear about but that we think are still excellent in terms of UI and UX.

5 October, 2021
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SaaS as a business model has grown substantially over the years. According to Statista, SaaS revenue will surpass 300 billion dollars by 2024.

And since SaaS is an Internet business model, its success depends on the solution itself and the landing page. During the last couple of years, we've seen an evolution of web design from something like this:

How websites looked 10 years ago
This is what web design looked like back in 2012

to this:

A modern website
The Slack landing page looks awesome but you already know that

SaaS as a business model is still pretty new, so today is an auspicious time to launch a SaaS product. Designers and marketers have done a titanic job of making sure that landing pages are easy to use, have crystal clear messages about the product or solution and convert users. You can use an infinite number of references without repeating the mistakes of competitors and companies that have spent years developing an optimal solution.

Our team selected eight pages of SaaS solutions that we liked. We tried to skip the obvious ones like Slack or Typeform since they are often referred to as the best. Instead, we tried to pick the often overlooked products and services with great-looking landing pages that offer the best user experience or have an excellent creative copy or something else that drew our attention.

So, here are the best SaaS landing pages that you might have never seen before but are worth checking out if you're looking for inspiration.

Quick PSA. We don't think that companies on the list are not popular; rather, the websites are often overlooked when it comes to lists like this one.


Uploadcare has a clean, straightforward design with no redundant elements. Right from a hero message, you get to know what the service is all about, but then there is an even more visual presentation of how it works and what benefits are there for you.

But there's more: check this demo, which doesn't require you to provide an email or other personal info. It does what a great demo should do: showcases how fast you can upload your files and effectively compresses your images.

The system status bar at the bottom is also a nice touch. It gives the user confidence that the software is stable and operational.

Honestly, we cannot pinpoint anything out of place on this landing page. The home page is clean and sleek, the website is easy to navigate, and the pricing is transparent.

If you're developing a similar service – it's good idea to learn from Uploadcare.

UI/UX design Uploadcare
Uploadcare offers nice UI and UX. Check them out


We loved the Pitch landing page from the first scroll. I was sold in an instant here; it's like they don't need the rest of the website at all.

Besides a cool animation on the first two screens, the Pitch landing page offers bright, vibrant colors, use cases, and testimonials as social proof. There's more confidence in the product with every screen, and for those who are still thinking, there are use cases for every type of presentation you might need.

You can start using Pitch by signing up or by picking the template that you like. It's another excellent way to convert users.

Awesome landing page and awesome product.


We are amazed by animations. You can spend hours following those balls. But don't get yourself distracted because this website has a lot to offer.

First, there's a great demo showcasing both the product testing process, and the report Maze generates. It works slowly sometimes but gets its job done.

Second, there are dozens of pages for every target audience and use case.

In general, Maze's website is what a SaaS landing page should look like: it has an excellent copy written for real people, not search engines. The structure is easy to navigate and to find the information you might be looking for. The pricing page is not overloaded with options and services and is structured very well to make a decision quickly. landing page
Amazing website!


Clearbit's landing page doesn't stand out that much but it does its job perfectly.

The menu is outstanding and offers a sneak peek at the content. The information is structured well. Overall, it's a prototype of a SaaS landing page with no unnecessary elements.


Testimonial is a solution that helps businesses to get testimonials from their clients. The one thing that every business is struggling to do.

It's a simple solution, so the landing page is on par — clear messages, call-to-actions, and videos that best describe the product. Since Testimonial is all about video testimonials, so it's only logical to use them to showcase the solution.

We included Testimonial to our list because it's one of the most appealing websites with a dark background. It's still not a common practice, but developing a dark theme for your website would please potential customers.

Testimonial landing page
Using videos is a way to go in 2023


Strapi is one of those landing pages that don't stand out but get everything right.

There's not much to say that we didn't mention before: clean design, easy-to-navigate menu, transparent pricing.

As we mentioned while reviewing Clearbit, you can use this landing page as a reference design.


Designers at Toggl went ham creating this landing page. Colors, illustrations, fonts — everything is bold and eye-catching. While sometimes it feels like it's over the top, it still balances between being an artsy website just for its sake and providing info to the customer.

Toggl is the best example of when creativity meets standard design guidelines and produces something unique.

Toggl landing page
Look at the color palette. Amazing!


Notion offers not only a stunning landing page design, but the solution is incredible as well. Our team uses Notion to keep track of tasks, processes, and even for automation, and we can recommend it without hesitation. Consider Notion if you're looking for software to keep your documents, spreadsheets, and much more.

Notion has a sleek design with easy to navigate structure like the previous landing pages in this article. What makes it stand out amongst others is its unique art style.

Also, check out their blog to look for use cases and how to use Notion for your business or personal purposes.

And no, it's not a promotion, and they did not pay us to include them in the list. We love the software.

Notion landing page
Clean and effective


And last but not least, let us tell you about Figma's landing page – it's like the cool kid in school who effortlessly stands out from the crowd. With a clean and stylish design, Figma's page showcases its product's capabilities straight off the bat.

And it's not just looks – Figma's page also offers interactive demos and videos that bring their design capabilities to life. It's like they're saying, "Hey, we don't just talk the talk. We walk the walk." Impressive, right?

But wait, there's more! Figma's landing page also includes customer testimonials and case studies. So, in a nutshell, Figma's landing page is a shining example of how to create a page that's both visually stunning and informative.

The afterword

There is no recipe for a successful SaaS landing page. And there's no such thing as "the best saas website" (we do cool SaaS designs though, go check them out). Every business has its own goals and target audience. While something might work for them it might not work for you. But still providing your customers with a great user experience is a minimum requirement nowadays.

That being said, certain elements are crucial to the success of a SaaS landing page. Understanding your target audience, communicating your product's value proposition clearly, providing social proof, and having clear calls to action are just a few examples.

At the end of the day, the key is to continuously test and iterate on your landing page until you find what works best for your business. So keep experimenting, optimizing, and providing your customers with the best user experience possible. And remember to tune in for our next posts, where we'll dive deeper into the best practices for creating the perfect SaaS landing page.

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My mission is to help startups build software, experiment with new features, and bring their product vision to life.

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