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Top World Fintech Conferences in 2022

The fintech industry is booming right now and shows no signs of slowing down. Over $90 billion in the first three quarters of 2021 alone was raised by the fintech industry, nearly double that of 2020.

31 January, 2022
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The fintech industry is booming right now and shows no signs of slowing down. Over $90 billion in the first three quarters of 2021 alone was raised by the fintech industry, nearly double that of 2020 (McKinsey & Co). It is clear that fintech companies are going to continue to pop up all over the world in every sector, and largest fintech companies will be making events such as conferences essential for networking and getting involved in the booming industry.

7 Fintech Events You Don't Want to Miss

1. Nexus

Nexus Fintech Event 2022
Nexus Fintech Event 2022

To keep pace with the technological transformation of the connected world and explore what's ahead, fintech leaders from around the globe will meet at the fintech event, Nexus, in Miami.

Here, attendees will be granted ten personal meetings with senior execs from top-tier financial institutions looking for fintech solutions to invest in. Whether it's for enhancing a product they already have, starting anew, or looking for something to invest in, this is your best opportunity to meet. You are limited to 10 meetings, so plan your attendance wisely.

There are three ticketing options for Nexus. The first is for the Nexus Dealmakers Summit and comes to $3600. The second is for the fintech conference's Awards Dinner at $600. And the third covers both the summit and the dinner at $4000.

2. UK FinTech Week and IFGS 2022

UK Fintech Week 2022
UK Fintech Week 2022

IFGS is the flagship event of the UK Fintech Week 2022, hosted in London's Guildhall as well as online, so attendees can stream from anywhere in the world.

The event is largely encompassed by several speakers from a variety of backgrounds (e.g., politicians, entrepreneurs, bank executives, investors). You are free to listen, learn, and take part in discussions with them about the industry. The fintech conference also largely focuses on developer tech like Python and Ruby, which can be beneficial to solving some of your project's hurdles.

As of right now, the tickets for IFGS are on sale for attending in person. The Early Bird ticket is £995 and is only sale until February 28. The regular ticket is £1495 and goes on sale on March 1 – ticket prices will go up on this one! Tickets for that will go on sale starting February 9.

3. Fintech 2022 Hackathon

Fintech 2022 Hackathon
Fintech 2022 Hackathon

The second annual hackathon for THpoint0 is happening in full force and focuses on finance apps built on blockchain. The hackathon fintech event will consist of four challenges: cross-border e-commerce, cybersecurity and regtech, competitors to collaborators, and financial inclusion.

During this 48-hour event, teams will collaborate, envision, and build sustainable solutions based on the challenges above. The winners are offered incredible experiences like mentorships, entrepreneurial programs, and business planning with industry geniuses.

Ticket pricing has not yet been announced for the hackathon.

4. Money20/20 Europe

Fintech Conference Money20/20 Europe
Money20/20 Europe

The Money20/20 Europe fintech event usually takes place in June, and it is one of the largest fintech conferences where companies can exhibit their products and services. This event has received a lot of media coverage from the industry's leading publications. As an international event, it attracts many participants from various parts of the world. The conference typically consists of keynote speeches, panels, and interactive workshops where experts discuss the future of financial services.

Last year, more than 4000 people attended from almost 2000 companies. 2022's turnout is expected to be equally impressive. It's an opportunity for attendees to not only learn what's happening in the industry but connect with people and companies for the prosperity of their own and global innovations.

Early Bird pricing for the standard pass is €2495. Regular pricing is €3495. The fintech conference also offers an Early-Stage Startup Pass at €650, a Growth Stage Startup Pass at €850, a Government Pass at €1095, and a Retailer Pass at €1095.

5. Finovate Fall

Finovate Fall Fintech event 2022
Finovate Fall 2022

The Finovate Fall fintech event is an invitation-only event where new financial technology companies launch their innovations and investors get a glimpse into what's next. It's a fast-paced, to-the-point event that offers an incredible opportunity for networking as well as getting the spotlight on early-stage startups.

The conference features over 130 of the newest and most innovative companies in financial services, including alternative lending platforms, bitcoin payments, biometrics, and behavioral analytics, digital wallets, mobile banking tools, Robo-advisors, alternative credit options, blockchain technologies, and other cutting-edge solutions.

Finovate Fall offers a 3-day All-Access pass for $2798, a 2-day Demo Days pass for $2099, and a Conference day pass for $1199. They also have two startup passes for $499 and $1000, as well as a digital pass (the price hasn't been announced).

6. Money20/20 USA

Money20/20 USA Fintech Conference
Money20/20 USA

Money 20/20 USA has been dubbed the "world's largest FinTech conference," thanks to its explosive growth. It brings together thousands of investors, business leaders, and companies from around the globe to discuss all things Fintech.

Outdoing the turnout of its Europe counterpart, Money20/20 USA boasted a crowd of more than 8000 people from over 3000 companies last year.

The Early Bird Standard Pass costs $2699, then increases to $3699. There's also an Early-Stage Startup Pass for $1095, a Growth Stage Startup Pass for $1395, a Government Pass for $2295, and a Retailer Pass for $1095.

7. Finext Conference Dubai 2022

Finext Conference Dubai 2022
Finext Conference Dubai 2022

Finext Conference Dubai 2022 is to provide an opportunity to everyone interested in Fintech to meet and exchange ideas, as well as keep up with the latest technologies, approaches, and trends in this industry.

With a full roster of speakers spanning several top financial institutions and innovative global fintech companies, Finest offers attendees a lot of learning potential about finance, machine learning, artificial intelligence, risk management, and fintech innovation.

For the Delegate Pass ticket, the cost is $399. A group pass is $1499. And the event is free for students.

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Plan Your Fintech Event Attendance for 2022 Now

In just a few years, the FinTech industry has grown from a small niche to an integral part of the banking and financial services landscape. Fast growing fintech companies have been matched by a significant rise in global investment in the sector. The industry is growing fast, bringing with it a considerable increase in demand for qualified talent.

Be part of the technological shift by attending any or all these conferences–but book soon! Ticket prices will only go up from here.

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