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Why custom frontend for startups works better in the long run

One of the biggest milestones for startups is launching their own website or web application. Many nuisances will pile up on top of each other during this process, as they usually do.

29 September, 2022
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One of the biggest milestones for startups is launching their own website or web application. Many nuisances will pile up on top of each other during this process, as they usually do. The temptation will inevitably appear to use out-of-the-box solutions to make things easier. However, we’re here to let you know why custom web development, particularly custom frontend for startups, is a much better option.

There are many ways to get access to custom front-end development services. The most popular, though, remain either hiring a professional front-end development firm or posting “website developer for hire” ads on various job boards, social media sites, or freelance platforms. More on that in our Merge blog, including what’s the best front-end language and other goodies.

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Startup frontend challenges

Just like any other company at the beginning of its journey, startups face many challenges. Some of them are directly related to frontend and web development. Firstly, the inherent changes can constantly throw you off track, making the solution look nothing like the initial idea.

Another startup-related problem is not investing enough time and money into market and customer research. This can eventually lead to creating a product your audience doesn’t really want or need.

More technical challenges include the issue of making your website or app equally functional on various platforms and devices. Your product’s security, maintenance, and optimization may also be subjects of internal business struggles.

Don’t forget the hiring issues, including choosing between front-end vs. full stack developers. Searching only for front-end unicorns also poses a problem but only if it sets back your hiring process.


Why choose a custom front-end?

Custom front end tends to provide many benefits compared to off-the-shelf or some frontend-as-a-service solutions. In the long run, having a custom solution will mean you’ll be better prepared to deal with ever-changing trends.

For startups that have yet to make their first impression and gain a loyal audience, the following aspects that a professional custom website and custom web application development company offers can help on a major scale.

Full range of services

With a custom front-end development, you’re most likely to get a full spectrum of the client-side website or app creation, which involves UX/UI design, user testing, post-deployment website maintenance, timely updates, etc.

Tailor-made solutions

In this day and age, to survive on the market, startups must stand out from the crowd. By having a custom-made front-end, you can do just that through front-end innovation and not just copying features and layouts every other website or app has.

Attention to detail

Custom solutions have a crucial thing that mass-produced ones are simply unable to provide - uncanny attention to detail. Customization offers plenty of personalized additions that show that your website or application truly belongs to you and represents your business.


Efficiency and high performance are accomplished through an exceptional focus and a flexible, personalized approach, which results in on-time delivery, and quick alterations if the scope has changed midway through, which is quite normal for startups.

Full product ownership and security

By ordering a custom-made front-end for your app or website, you own it, as opposed to off-the-shelf front-end making tools that own the code and the features, as well as have their own built-in security that they can also control.

A custom front-end meaning
A custom front-end meaning

What comes with ordering custom front-end development for startups?

Typically, web development companies for startups will offer custom frontend as part of their startup-oriented web services. Such benefits of hiring custom front-end developers like customization and updates make it worth it. Here’s what services you can expect from them:

  • The professional design and user experience of your website’s or application’s user interface;
  • Client-side code from scratch;
  • Integration with the back-end;
  • Continuous support and maintenance.

Technologies to include

A few web development technologies work like magic for the front end. They are mostly all front-end frameworks that help make HTML, CSS, and Javascript even better. One or a few of them in your custom frontend vendor’s tech stack is going to elevate your product even further.

First of all, Bootstrap elevates most of the hassles that come with building dynamic web solutions. Another one is Foundation - a framework better used if your startup needs a mobile application first. Last but not least, Semantic UI with arguably the best forms and dropdowns and lightweight Pure.css, which helps build responsive websites and web apps.

Overall, now is a good time to hire a custom front-end development company for your startup. The earlier you find the right custom front-end vendor able to create a fully customized web solution representing your business image and ideas and putting you in a good light before your customers, the better chance you have to grow into a well-established company.

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My mission is to help startups build software, experiment with new features, and bring their product vision to life.

My mission is to help startups build software, experiment with new features, and bring their product vision to life.

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