A company’s logo isthe backbone of itsbrand identity

We proudly present our first-ever logo collection. Our work is now serving as one of the first impressions customers have of our clients.

Logofolio - a selection of our best logos

Some of you probably know we also offer marketing design and branding services. Such an essential part of the design is rarely included in case studies, and we think it’s unfair.

Over the last couple of years, we created a few exciting logos and want to share some of them with you.


Investment fund / Australia / 2022

A unique logo for an unusually splendid and quirky investment firm focusing on blockchain projects.

Our team slightly redesigned an existing logo, making it fresher and more effortless while adding a splash of various eye-catching colors.


Food delivery & table reservation /
England / 2021

This logo design speaks for itself.

Simple yet informative, it tells you right off the bat what the company is all about without looking pretentious or, worse - primitive and right on the verge of basic.


Crypto exchange & NFT platform /
USA / 2022

Another crypto project but with a slightly different spin, our Legacy logo has both minimalistic and vibrant design that gives off that concise feeling of “this company knows what it’s doing.”


Fintech / Singapore / 2019

For this next-gen investment company, we created a logo that represents the company’s multifaceted strategy and global focus.

The design had to be elegant, timeless, and forthright, which we managed to do with flying colors.


SaaS /Netherlands & England / 2020

And finally, our logo for Xcellerate was all about reimagining the first letter of the company’s name in a new light with a more polished and exciting style to fit the brand’s new identity and market positioning.