3 reasons why you should spend on a great UI/UX design

Optimize your business for higher conversions and engagement by utilizing good UI UX design. You'll end up saving resources, increasing revenue, and building a brand that users love.

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Understanding what makes people take action and how to improve user experience can make a huge impact on your business. Although large corporations spend millions on UI and UX design, it is often much harder for startups and small businesses to implement. The good news is you don't need enterprise-level resources to invest in UI UX design services or reap their benefits.

Let's take a look at some real-world examples of how a good design refresh has benefited brands and what you can apply to your own business.

What is UI UX Design?

User interface design (UI) and user experience design (UX) are two aspects of the same thing. The UI is the part users see and interact with; UX is the users' overall experience when using your product.

User interface design is about making it easy to use a device. User experience design is about making the user's life better. UI UX design is about making both of those things happen at once.

For example, if you are designing an app, you have to decide which information is most important to deliver first. What are people interested in? What do they need to know right away? What determines where this information goes on the screen?

Good UI UX design benefits both the user and the developer, increases brand positivity, revenue, and retention.

What is UI UX Design
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Real-world examples of UI UX Design refreshes that increased revenue and engagement

If you're not yet convinced that UI UX design benefits a business, take a look at some well-known businesses from a variety of industries that used good design to improve retention and revenue.

Bank of America

Registration processes can easily be a nightmare for any service, especially when it requires sensitive information. Bank of America realized this, used user data related to the registration process, updated to a friendlier experience, and saw a 45% increase in registration. All thanks to good UI UX design.


Even small elemental changes can increase revenue. Consulting firm GFK recognized a client's "Buy" button on their mobile site was poorly designed, so they changed it. From that simple button design update, their client saw $500 million more in revenue per year.

American Airlines

Good UI UX design also helps companies retain resources formerly spent on fixes and customer retention, not just revenue. American Airlines decided that the best design strategy for their site was to correct usability issues during the design phase, not after. By doing so, AA reduced usability repair costs by up to 90%.

The benefits of great UI UX Design

We can narrow down the benefits to 3 solid points you can easily remember when designing your site, app, product, and service.

Increase Revenue

Your product's UI UX can directly affect your product's revenue and development costs. Using good UI UX design from the start also leads to a more stable product, meaning fewer crashes/bugs, less time spent repairing, and less money spent on fixes. As you can see from the American Airlines testimony, businesses can save an incredible amount of money on design and application maintenance while improving the user experience. It also means you'll see an increase in traffic, as SEO also considers the stability and organization of your site. All of this culminates in an increase in revenue.

UI/UX design has become an important part of measuring our satisfaction with an application or a website. If we enjoy using a particular OS or device, we're more likely to invest in it. This is how good design can lead to an increase in revenue. When users can easily navigate through your product's contents and enjoy doing so, they will continue using it. Continued use leads to referrals, subscriptions, and upgrades which all help your bottom line.

Improve Retention Rates

With a good UI UX design, your product will appear and feel more attractive to new users, leading to greater user acquisition and retention. It's more likely that users will stick around and continue using your product if they enjoy using it and it pleasantly engages them.

There is a direct correlation between the happiness of a user and the functionality of your site/app. Happier users equal higher retention, which in turn equals better brand.

Your app's user interface is the gateway through which users enter your world. Good UI design will convince a potential customer to use your app and encourage a current one to return. However, good UI design goes beyond attracting customers and encouraging them to use an app. A great UX can also positively impact your business in several ways.

Good UI improves app's performance
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For example, a well-designed UI can improve the app's overall performance, making it easier for users to complete tasks and achieve goals. An effective UI design can also significantly boost user retention rates and engagement with the app, increasing the chances of repeat visits, referrals, and positive word-of-mouth marketing.

UI UX design decisions can even affect how much you'll end up paying for customer acquisition, as well as how much revenue your app will generate in the long term. That is why it's so important to get UI UX right at the onset of launching your service.

Build Brand Loyalty

The experience you provide to users can either make your brand float above the competition or sink into the depths of commonality. New brands are popping up every single day that claim to do what your brand does. The one that wins out above the rest will have a user experience that customers enjoy and want to return.

Brand loyalty comes from the happiness of the user. A better, more pleasant, and more usable design is one that users will want to come back to in the future. Whether it's an app, a website, a SaaS platform, or something else, the experience of navigating through each page should be light and pleasant. The more complicated an experience is, the more frustrated a user becomes. When designing your service, keep simplicity in mind, test your service, and listen to your customers. Doing so will create brand loyalists out of what used to be single-visit users.

Expect higher retention and revenue when updating your brand's UI UX Design

For many small business owners, investing in design doesn't feel like a priority. That funding could be used elsewhere, sure. But design is what users see, feel, and interact with. It's arguably the most critical aspect of your service because it overlaps any and all functionalities.

Choose a good UI/UX design agency and get your brand optimized for higher conversions and engagement by utilizing good UI and UX from the get-go. You'll end up saving resources, increasing revenue, and building a brand that users love.


Serhii Hyliuk

Head of Growth and Customer Success

I'm interested in design, new tech, fashion, exploring new places and languages. My mission is to make our clients happy.

I'm interested in design, new tech, fashion, exploring new places and languages. My mission is to make our clients happy.


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