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How will Apple Vision Pro VR influence industries: Fintech, Healthcare, Edtech, and more

For the final article for our four-piece series on Apple Vision Pro, we have decided to discuss how exactly this technology will influence industries.

9 August, 2023
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The potential of augmented and virtual reality technology extends across various industries, such as healthcare, education, retail, entertainment, etc. Apple's entry into the market is expected to catalyze innovation and adoption in these sectors, solidifying AR and VR as a transformative technology of our time.

For the final article for our four-piece series on Apple Vision Pro, we have decided to discuss how exactly this technology will influence industries like fintech, edtech, healthcare, and media. All of them are known to be among the first ones to adopt new and exciting technologies, and this probably won’t be an exception.

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What is the value of Apple’s entry into spatial computing?

Apple's integration of various XR use cases into spatial computing has generated much anticipation. Unlike other OEMs that focus on, for example, VR gaming, Apple offers a compelling and cohesive experience, showcasing the value of spatial computing.

Vision Pro enhances familiar experiences in novel ways by leveraging the entire Apple ecosystem. For instance, you can:

  • Transform surroundings into an infinite canvas, replacing physical screens.
  • Connect with others on FaceTime, feeling like you're sharing the same space.
  • Relive memories in 3D with spatial audio through captured spatial photos and videos.
  • Immerse in movies, shows, sports, and games with spatial cinema on a giant screen.

The impact of Apple Vision Pro: financing

Experts speculate on the potential impact of Apple Vision Pro on fintech. The device could enable bankers to create personalized and immersive experiences for clients, presenting investment opportunities and financial plans in a 3D interactive format.

However, skeptics argue that similar capabilities exist today, and the 3D element may not be a game-changer. Virtual meetings and data presentation through the 3D camera are mentioned as possible use cases but may not significantly revolutionize banking.

Mixed reality technology, in general, exemplified by Apple Vision Pro, can revolutionize the customer experience in fintech. It can enable truly contactless experiences with comprehensive data privacy and security features.

Companies like Mastercard are now exploring eye-based payments through augmented reality glasses, allowing customers to view products, get information, and make purchases with retina scans. This integration has the potential to transform how customers interact with fintech services, making payments and transactions more seamless and secure.

On the other hand, the history of technology adoption suggests that the impact on banking will follow advancements in other industries. Current limitations in form factor and consumer priorities suggest that other sectors may experience the device's impact before banking.

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The impact of Apple Vision Pro: healthcare

In the health sector, things are looking brighter, and Apple Vision Pro holds quite a promising potential in the following applications.

Apple Vision Pro healthcare by Adhiari Subekti
Apple Vision Pro healthcare by Adhiari Subekti

Telemedicine and remote consultations

Healthcare professionals can utilize the headset's spatial computing capabilities to conduct virtual consultations with patients regardless of location. This enables immersive, face-to-face interactions, allowing doctors to observe patients' real-time facial expressions and body language, thereby enhancing the quality of remote consultations.

Surgical training and simulation

Medical training can significantly benefit from Apple Vision Pro's immersive features. Surgeons can utilize the headset to simulate complex procedures, providing trainees with realistic virtual environments for practice. This technology can improve surgical education and skill acquisition and reduce reliance on physical training models.

Rehabilitation and physical therapy

Apple Vision Pro has the potential to revolutionize rehabilitation and physical therapy programs. Through creating immersive and engaging environments, the headset can aid patients in regaining motor control, enhancing cognitive function, and facilitating recovery. Interactive exercises, coupled with visual stimuli and audio feedback, contribute to improved therapeutic outcomes.

Mental health and well-being

The immersive capabilities of Apple Vision Pro can be harnessed to support mental health and well-being. Guided meditation, stress reduction exercises, and immersive relaxation experiences can assist individuals in managing anxiety, enhancing focus, and promoting mindfulness. Additionally, integrating biofeedback sensors can further strengthen the effectiveness of these therapeutic interventions.


The impact of Apple Vision Pro: education

The impact of Apple Vision Pro on education and edtech is also full of promise and hope. It has the potential to offer both students and educators an immersive and transformative learning experience.

Enhanced visualization

Apple Vision Pro introduces advanced augmented reality capabilities, enabling students to interact with virtual objects, 3D models, and simulations. This bridges the gap between theoretical concepts and practical application, fostering a more profound understanding, boosting creativity, and enhancing critical thinking skills.

Collaborative learning

A key aspect of Apple Vision Pro is its ability to foster collaborative learning environments. Seamless integration with Apple devices allows students and teachers to share content, annotations, and ideas in real time. This promotes active participation, teamwork, and effective communication skills, preparing students for the collaborative nature of the modern workforce.

Personalized education

With Apple Vision Pro, personalized education becomes a reality. The device employs machine learning algorithms and adaptive technologies to analyze individual learning patterns and customize educational content accordingly. This personalized approach optimizes student engagement, improves retention rates, and helps educators identify areas where additional support may be required.

Apple Vision Pro accessibility and inclusivity

Apple Vision Pro is committed to accessibility, offering features that cater to diverse learning styles and abilities. Seamless integration with accessibility features like voice commands, gesture recognition, and dynamic text resizing removes barriers to learning, ensuring all students can participate actively, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities.

Real-world application

Apple Vision Pro empowers students to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. Leveraging AR capabilities, students can explore historical landmarks, examine scientific phenomena, and simulate complex engineering projects. This hands-on approach makes learning engaging and equips students with practical skills essential for future success.

Teacher empowerment

Apple Vision Pro benefits educators as well. The device provides a vast library of interactive teaching resources, allowing them to create dynamic lessons that capture students' attention and facilitate active learning. Moreover, it simplifies administrative tasks, streamlines grading processes, and offers valuable data insights to aid instructional decision-making.

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What about other industries - sports, media, retail, etc?

The Vision Pro's advanced AR experience can also revolutionize sports broadcasting, offering multiple angles, real-time player stats, and instant replays from home. Broadcasters can expand their IP with immersive AR content, providing interactive experiences with teams and athletes, like virtual meet-and-greets and interactive game simulations. This, in turn, will transform sports consumption, deepen fan connections, and generate new revenue streams.

Apple Vision Pro entertainment by JordanAA
Apple Vision Pro entertainment by JordanAA

For the travel industry, the immersive capabilities of Vision Pro may reduce the need for physical travel while simultaneously inspiring new opportunities for unique and unfamiliar experiences. In retail and manufacturing, the device can offer 3D renderings of production options and assembly line operations, enhancing interactive shopping experiences, especially for customized or made-to-order products.

What about Apple's Vision Pro and its impact on content providers and the media industry? For example, during the WWDC, it was announced that Disney+ will be available on Vision Pro right from the start. This move will allow Disney to engage fans more deeply in their beloved characters and stories, leveraging the spatial platform's immersive potential.

The preview of Disney's content on Vision Pro sets aspirational standards for immersive storytelling and sports experiences in the media ecosystem. This will encourage substantial investments from hardware manufacturers, content providers, and service providers. It creates a demand for content providers to embrace new mixed-reality platforms and devise long-term business models for monetization.

Overall, content providers will have to balance utilizing new technologies while ensuring a familiar and intuitive user experience for seamless onboarding to the new platform. Companies that comprehend how users engage with their preferred content will thrive in the evolving market, and highly-engaged users are likely to exhibit lower churn rates than less engaged users.


What’s next for Apple Vision Pro VR?

In conclusion, Apple Vision Pro promises to revolutionize spatial computing by providing an unmatched immersive experience that seamlessly merges digital and physical. Its advanced features, intuitive inputs, and visionOS create new possibilities across diverse industries.

For example, Vision Pro can offer accelerated learning by allowing users to gain practical experience before engaging in real-world tasks. Mistakes made in the digital environment can prevent errors in actual operations.

Virtual reality headsets have massive potential in fields like education and healthcare, enhancing the learning process by providing realistic training scenarios, especially when lives are at risk.

Additionally, mixed reality facilitates enriched remote learning experiences and knowledge sharing among professionals, transcending physical boundaries and saving costs on travel and other expenses.

Apple's marketing efforts aim to appeal to both consumers and workplaces, but the headset's high cost may find its most substantial application in industrial settings. Simulation developers are likely eager to explore the technology's potential and test its capabilities.

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