Table reservation and food delivery app case study

Picture this. You book a table at the restaurant, arrive there, spend dozen of minutes going through the fancy menu with no pictures at all, order the dish with familiar ingredients, wait for another thirty minutes for it to arrive, realize that it's not what you expected and then you leave disappointed.

But what if there was a website or an application where you could reserve a table and go through the menu and order a meal, which will be ready once you arrive?

We present you Foodji*!

With Foodji, you can reserve a table at your favorite place and get delivery or pick up your food if you happen to be nearby. It combines the best of all food apps over there with a simple yet effective design.

Onboarding screens
Onboarding screens

For this concept, we decided not to invent the wheel. The number of options on how to get your meal might be overwhelming, but once users get the gist of it, the app becomes a lifesaver.

The style guide is quite simple as well. Minimum colors and fonts, so there's no distraction while using the app.

The idea for the onboarding was to include realistic pictures of food, but then we scraped it for more abstract hand-drawn images to keep it more grounded.

Check the case study and let us know what do you think of it. Also, please subscribe to our email list for more great case studies and insights from our team. We won't spam you, promise!

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*Foodji is a working title for this app concept and is not associated with any company or other solution.

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