B2B SaaS design trends

Whether you’re a well-established entrepreneur or you’re just starting, you need to be aware of the latest design trends and understand how you can incorporate them into your SaaS products.

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Without a doubt, Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the most profitable business models today with companies and individual software developers earning billions of dollars every year from simple SaaS products like customer relations management (CRM), accounting, project management, and email marketing applications. More entrepreneurs are taking up the idea of SaaS as a business model, which has led to stiff competition in the industry.

So, if you want your SaaS business idea to succeed, you have to come up with unique and user-friendly designs for your apps. Because SaaS involves the use of web-based applications, your designs must be guided by the established SaaS website design principles to ensure that they meet the current industry standards.

Unless you’re a professional user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designer, you need to hire a qualified and experienced designer to design the apps for you. Remember that you can only stay one step ahead of your competition if your SaaS apps stand out and give your customers the best user experience. This is why it’s important to have your design work done by professionals who have handled complex SaaS design before.

Whether you’re a well-established entrepreneur in the SaaS space or you’re just starting, you need to be aware of the latest design trends and understand how you can incorporate them into your SaaS products for more business. Here are the top B2B SaaS design trends that you should consider:

Whichever B2B SaaS design you choose for your products, make sure it helps you to optimize your UX and UI. Always keep your user in mind because their satisfaction or the lack of it determines the success or failure of your products. These emerging SaaS design trends will inspire your creativity to create the best designs.

Popular B2B SaaS Design Trends
Popular B2B SaaS Design Trends


Chatbots have become very popular as SaaS application owners strive to improve their users’ experience when interacting with their products. Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate and process human conversations, allowing your app users to interact with the app and get real-time feedback as if they were having a conversation with a real customer service representative.

Although some people have had very nasty experiences with chatbots, research has shown that most decisions are made before engaging with real sales representatives. According to Forrester, at least 68% of B2B decision-makers prefer to do their independent research online rather than interact with sales representatives. Furthermore, chatbots will help you to maintain a constant online presence, even when your customer service reps have gone to sleep.


Although they sound minute, micro-interfaces are quite significant in determining how a user experiences your SaaS products. A micro-interface is simply the interaction between the target user and the design. If you get your micro-interfaces right, they’ll improve your user’s experience with the designs, making them more memorable.

A good example of micro-interface experience is the change in color that occurs when you float your cursor over a CTA or the animated countdown added to a page to keep the user entertained as they wait for the page to load. It makes the user feel like they’re getting instant feedback from the app.

Automatic Navigation Bars

Most B2B SaaS sites come with dozens of pages. Therefore, you’ll have a hard time determining which pages to include on your main navigation menu. This is where an automatic navigation bar comes in handy, because it will navigate users through the app seamlessly.

Fortunately, you can easily find qualified web designers and web design agencies for your SaaS projects. With an agency like Merge Development, you’re guaranteed to get the best UX/UI designs. Working with professional designers is also important because they stay up-to-date with the latest SaaS design trends to help you acquire more customers.

Responsive SaaS Designs

Because most internet users today access the internet using mobile devices, your SaaS products must be responsive to meet the needs and expectations of this category of customers. Make sure your SaaS apps can easily be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Web design experts advise SaaS entrepreneurs to use the mobile-first design strategy, which involves starting your design with the smallest screen, usually a mobile device.


Serhii Hyliuk

Head of Growth and Customer Success

I'm interested in design, new tech, fashion, exploring new places and languages. My mission is to make our clients happy.

I'm interested in design, new tech, fashion, exploring new places and languages. My mission is to make our clients happy.


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