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Web3 website: best examples in 2024

Learn examples of building engaging and easy-to-use Web3 sites, from designing intuitive interfaces and onboarding to including crypto payments.

13 June, 2024
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Web design is changing fast, and one of the biggest culprits is Web3. This new type of internet offers better security, privacy, and control for users. Makes sense that more and more companies and projects are adopting Web3 features on their websites. 

A well-designed Web3 site can effectively serve as the digital front porch to introduce your users to decentralized applications, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and more.

Today, we’d like to look at some of the best Web3 website examples of 2024, showing how they use smart design and new technology to improve online experiences. 

We'll analyze several leading examples to break down their successful strategies. These Web 3.0 website examples will highlight the latest in web design, and you can learn from their example.

Web3 web design: what makes a good design?

At its core, good Web3 web design is what a good standard web design looks like - a mix of aesthetic appeal and user experience. What makes it different is the functionalities that exclusively accommodate the needs of blockchain and decentralized technologies.

Of course, Web3 website design needs to (yes, still) put the user in the center. The mantra is “intuitive, responsive, accessible.” Your clients should be able to easily find what they need—ANY client, even with disabilities, hence the accessibility. Plus, the design should work just as fine on various devices.

Now, more emphasis on the Web3 aspect. First of all, use clear privacy policies - inform your users about data usage and protection. All the security features should be straightforward, such as wallet integration, encryption, secure transactions, etc. 

Don't forget about onboarding guides and clear terminology. Offer tutorials and guides for your new users who are unfamiliar with Web3 and avoid jargon or provide explanations for complex terms. 

This is just the start. Our blog offers even more useful information and best practices on how to design Web3 websites and products.

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Top Web3 websites examples

The top Web3 websites have one thing in common: good design. Let’s see which ones made it into our list today.


CoinLedger has a good web3 product design that makes crypto tax filing intuitive and seamless. Through extensive user research, the designers created simplified, visually pleasing interfaces using 400 meticulously crafted mockups. The result is a streamlined workflow that effortlessly guides users through the tax calculation and reporting process. 

Bold illustrations make complicated financial concepts digestible. CoinLedger's calculated yet engaging aesthetic establishes the platform as the go-to solution for crypto taxes. The intuitive design's simplified functionality empowers users to maximize deductions and file with ease. 

Superior design is particularly known to improve the user experience as well, as evidenced by a 28% reduction in support tickets and outstanding TrustPilot ratings after their redesign, which is also why it made it into our list of best Web3 websites examples.


Cosmos excels in Web3 design by embracing vivid gradients, 3D elements, and a sci-fi theme, aligning with current trends. The design is built on strong typography, clear calls-to-action (CTAs), and a logical header hierarchy, enhancing readability. 

High-contrast text and backgrounds ensure decent accessibility. Visually, the use of planets to symbolize decentralized apps and "Internet of Blockchains" is both clever and interactive, making the site very engaging. 

Cosmos also effectively integrates its brand symbolism ($ATOM) and vision of an interconnected blockchain universe, which creates a cohesive and immersive user experience. 


Circle's web3 website showcases excellent design by integrating curved sections that create an immersive and smooth flow throughout the page. This design aligns well with the brand's identity and enhances user engagement, encouraging visitors to explore more. 

The detailed, custom iconography also stands out. It effectively utilizes small elements to reinforce Circle's Web3 style. This approach not only makes the site visually appealing but also improves usability. Just check the recent tech trends in Web3.

Additionally, the well-organized mega menu facilitates easy navigation, helping users find information quickly with minimal clicks. These thoughtful design choices simplify the learning process for complex products, increasing the likelihood of converting visitors into leads and customers.



RelayPay has a well-designed web3 website and product that facilitates intuitive cryptocurrency interactions. It envisioned simplifying complex crypto processes and convincing merchants to accept payments.

Extensive research and redesign work from their partners transformed their website into a sleek, visually pleasing interface optimized for usability. The refined design clearly presents features while informing users in a simple way. It encourages adoption through engaging onboarding and intuitive transactions.

Their experience focuses on simplicity, functionality, and education. It makes cryptocurrency use, bills, funds, and exchanges much more efficient. The thoughtful design boosts user retention, engagement and satisfaction, realizing RelayPay's goal of easy crypto management.

RelayPay now improves mainstream merchant and consumer adoption through an expertly crafted experience. The thoughtful design also thoughtfully realizes RelayPay's vision of an intuitive gateway for all to easily use and transact with cryptocurrency.


Kraken’s web3 website shows strong design by prioritizing a user-centric approach adjusted to crypto newbies. The clear and direct copywriting addresses beginners' needs, making the platform accessible for those new to blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

Prominent "buy crypto" and "start" call-to-actions (CTAs) efficiently guide users, reducing confusion and enhancing the onboarding process. The homepage hero section highlights the mobile app, reflecting where most users interact with Kraken, thus improving relevance and usability. 

Trust signals are strategically placed to build confidence among new users and reassure them about the platform's security. Additionally, Kraken’s unique color palette creates a memorable brand experience. These thoughtful design elements make Kraken's website quite inviting and effective.

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BlockEarner's thoughtfully designed web3 platform realizes its vision of empowering Australians through advanced cryptocurrency management and makes it into the top most popular web3 websites, not just in Australia. Its intuitive app and website enable convenient crypto buying, selling, tracking, and loans across over 300 tokens.

The reasons why Block Earner excels in web3 design have to do with combining user-friendly interfaces with robust functionality. The design includes an elegant fintech-oriented website that promotes and maintains financial safety and trust. 

For example, Block Earner’s yield dashboard simplifies investment tracking with clear visualizations, promoting informed decisions. The cash account design offers a structured, secure view of deposits and withdrawals, encouraging proactive financial management. 

The platform’s comprehensive transaction feature also allows easy monitoring of various assets, enhancing user control and transparency. Together, these elements provide a secure, efficient, and engaging environment for crypto trading and management.

Iron Fish

Lastly, Iron Fish’s web3 website design is on this list due to its fun nature in combination with simplicity and clarity. The website effectively communicates the platform’s purpose with straightforward and concise information, making it easy for users to understand. 

Subtle animations and appealing graphics enhance the modern look without overwhelming visitors. The design reflects the core principles of blockchain technology - privacy, security, and decentralization - through its clean and direct messaging. Fun and creative fish illustrations also add a unique personality, making the site engaging and memorable. 


How to make a Web 3.0 website

Creating a Web 3.0 website starts with careful planning and understanding blockchain technologies. Here are the essential steps to guide you:

Plan your Web3 website

Begin by defining your website's main goal and identifying your target audience. This will help guide your design and content. Stay informed with the latest blockchain innovations to ensure your website includes the newest features. 

Decide on the functionalities you need, such as smart contracts and NFTs, and focus on creating a user-friendly, responsive design that is easy to navigate. Remember to make sure your site architecture can handle increased traffic for future growth.

Build your Web3 website

First, design a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that reflects your brand and is easy for users to navigate. 

Then, develop the backend using platforms like Ethereum for decentralized applications and smart contracts. Integrate Web3 protocols to enable secure transactions and decentralized user authentication. 

After that, choose the right tools, like MetaMask for payments and Solidity for smart contract coding, to work effectively with Web3. Thoroughly test your website to make all functions, especially transactions, work smoothly and securely. 

Finally, launch your site with a reliable Web3-compatible hosting provider, secure your domain, and monitor the site for any issues after going live.

Choose Web3 design services

If you need help creating a Web3 website, our services at Merge are the perfect solution. Our Web3 design agency specializes in building intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that make complex blockchain technologies easier to use than ever before. 

Our experience in fintech and digital ledgers also ensures that our designs are informed by deep market research and best practices. Overall, we simplify Web3 product adoption, making it accessible and straightforward for your customers. So, if you want to make it into the list of best Web3 websites, give it a go.

We design Web3 products that beat the competition.

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What about a Web3 website builder?

Sure, you can create a Web3 Website with AI, using drag-and-drop functionalities, etc. However, at this point, even the best Web3 website builder cannot provide the full scope of services needed to build and run a successful Web3 website over time. You'll need to remake or add stuff, and, in the long run, it's going to be costlier anyway than hiring a Web3 design company.


To wrap up, the best Web3 website examples of 2024 show that great design and user experience are still key, even with new technology. These websites combine good looks and easy-to-use features with strong security and accessibility. 

From CoinLedger's simple tax filing tool to Cosmos' cool blockchain theme, each site shows what Web 3.0 design can do. These Web3 websites set a high standard, showing how blockchain can change our online world. Use these tips to improve your own website with top-notch Web3 design.

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